10 Affordable Michael Kors Winter Jackets for Women

Being stylish in summer is a piece of cake. But have you tried to look chic in winter? Personally, I feel like wearing a duvet and a kilometer-long scarf on top of it when it’s cold: comfort first, style second, please. If you’re anything like me, Michael Kors has come to the rescue with his women’s jackets that will keep you warm and cozy without compromising your fashionista identity, and that’s at an affordable price. Let’s have a look together at what he has to offer.

1. Quilted Faux Leather Puffer Jacket 

Quilted Faux Leather Puffer Jacket

For an edgy yet classic look! Are you tired of ridiculously oversized puffer jackets that remind you of a New York bum? Good news: this piece is just the opposite. While the jacket does feature a rather voluminous collar and a quilted structure, rendering it an edgy look, the item itself is timeless. I could imagine myself wrapped up in this faux leather cutie paired with a silhouette skirt or my new gray joggers. Both options appeal to me equally. And you know what? I feel warm even when thinking about it. Now discounted at $262.50 on the official Michael Kors website, it could quite possibly become your best winter investment. 

2. A Quilted Nylon Puffer Jacket 

A Quilted Nylon Puffer Jacket

For self-confident trend-setters! For those of you who are not so much into all-black, this crimson $221.25 puffer jacket is a perfect alternative. With the edgy golden top-down panel featuring the MK logo, this piece is made with confident women in mind. Imagine styling it up with your favorite heels for a contemporary eclectic look – You’ll rock any city!

You know what else is great about this item? It’s practical features: a zip for a quick dressing experience, drawcords on the hem and hood (we don’t want to let wind and cold anywhere close, right?), and, well, the hood itself. 

3. Quilted Houndstooth Nylon Puffer Jacket 

Quilted Houndstooth Nylon Puffer Jacket

For ladies who want it all in one! If you’re an indecisive Libra (either in the zodiac or at heart) and cannot pick one color, go for this black-and-white houndstooth. A timeless classic, it is this season’s definite choice, and that’s at an affordable $234.75. Tailored in the trendy puffer silhouette, it is so multifunctional that you can twist it either as an office-day jacket or a ski-weekend puffer. Water-resistant and with a zip, it is created for ladies who live their life on the go. I would wear it as a statement piece with a total-black first layer, and you?

4. Diamond Quilted Ciré Puffer Coat 

Diamond Quilted Ciré Puffer Coat

For those who want it glossy but practical! This ciré jacket will make you shine bright this year at only $262.50. Its glossy diamond-quilt surface and logo-featuring zipper is balanced by pragmatic features: a drawcord hood, large flap pockets, perfect length, and a drawstring waist for a warmer feel. A perfect choice if you have been looking for universal outerwear that’s not too boring. 

5. Metallic Quilted Chevron Packable Puffer Jacket

Metallic Quilted Chevron Packable Puffer Jacket

For a bold statement! Here’s one more quilted jacket, this time for the most confident ladies who want to leave a lasting impression. The metallic detachable hood piece will help you stand out against the backdrop of a muddy winter. The elastic cuffs will keep your arms hidden from the bitter frost. If you’re not so bold as to go for the shiny bronze option (or a silver one for this matter), pick a conservative black version instead. In any case, it’s a perfect deal at only $141.75. Hurry up if you want to secure yourself this baby – the price-to-quality ratio is unbelievable.

6. Mini Logo Ciré Reversible Puffer Jacket 

Mini Logo Ciré Reversible Puffer Jacket

For women who like to have a choice! This reversible ciré jacket in a yummy chocolate tint is a two-in-one piece. How would you like to get more than one look for only $262.50? The discounted price seems just as attractive as the quilted puffer itself. Glossy and minimalistic or logo-printed and daring – it’s up to you. Give in to the day and pick your mood!

7. Sequined Ciré Puffer Jacket 

Sequined Ciré Puffer Jacket

For a dazzling impression! Do you want to say ‘no!’ to the gloomy weather? This sequined puffer will help you shine like a diamond – it is a perfect outerwear piece for a lady who does not feel like mingling with the crowd. Now going down at $337.50, this versatile jacket will match your New Year’s Eve gown just as great as your new pair of washed-out jeans. 

8. Quilted Nylon Puffer Jacket

Quilted Nylon Puffer Jacket

For a fresh winter style! Available in four colors, this dark red/gold/black/hot pink puffer is yours at just $149.00 now. Blindfold me and let me pick one because you know what? I absolutely love each of them! I am honestly ordering one as I am typing this, torn by the urge to get every single version out there. Insulated, lightweight, and practical, this jacket will be your absolute favorite for a few winters in a row.  

9. Quilted Nylon Jacket 


For women who want some 80s flair! If you want to pull together any casual look, this chocolate brown bomber jacket is exactly what you need this winter. With a fur-trimmed hood, slash pockets, and elastic cuffs, you stand no chance of feeling the cold. This piece is so versatile that it will easily blended into any closet. Inspired by the 80s, it looks just as great in 2021. The new price of $262.50 is also quite attractive for this sleek catch.

10. Shearling Lined Quilted Puffer Jacket 

Shearling Lined Quilted Puffer Jacket

For an elegantly relaxed vibe! That’s right – another quilted jacket. This time, too elegant to resist. Snap it up or leave it open, revealing the shearling lining. You’ll look like a star in both cases. This piece will hardly warm you up when it’s minus ten outside, but it’s definitely the to-go-for outerwear if you want to look sleek on a mild winter’s day. Personally, I would steal the entire styling idea: this black-and-white ensemble is to die for. 

P.S. Santa is wrapping up gifts for Christmas. Isn’t it about time you included this slightly more expensive ($446.25) but totally-worth-it baby on your personal wish list?

Well, it looks like I will have to say good-bye to my duvet this winter, Mr. Kors. You’ve got me by the hook with your trendy yet cozy and affordable selection. 

Kateryna Pilyarchuk
Kateryna Pilyarchuk
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