16 Affordable Gucci Sweaters

If you’re the kind of person who buys summer clothes during the winter and vice versa, you’re definitely someone who likes and seeks good offers. Moreover, if you also have a soft spot for designer clothes, this is the time of the year to get the best discounts for products that are worn in the cold season. Our aim today is to show you where you can get cheap Gucci sweaters from and at what price. 

Before we list several affordable Gucci sweaters, you might also be wondering how much a new product from this range might cost if you buy it directly from the source.

Just like any other apparel signed by this brand, new Gucci sweaters are definitely not cheap. While some models cost around or below $1000 dollars, many go beyond $2000 and some even exceed the $3000 threshold. To get a clear idea of how much you can pay for Gucci sweaters, you can check out the company’s website

And now, let’s browse through some cheaper alternatives!

Gucci Pink Sweater: this lovely pink sweater costs $480.00 on Yoox. It has a knitted texture, long sleeves, no pockets, cable stitch and it is lightweight. The red and black stripes at the cuffs and collar make this item stand out. It pairs wonderfully with blue and black jeans. 

Gucci Pink Sweater
Gucci Pink Sweater; Photo credit: Yoox

GG Supreme Lurex & Cotton Knit Sweater: this elegant women’s sweater features an allover pattern displaying the Gucci logo. It has a lovely gold and blue color combination that pairs perfectly with blue jeans. The short sleeves, round neckline, ribbed collar, cuffs, and hem are other remarkable features. It costs $ 980.00 on Luisaviaroma

GG Supreme Lurex & Cotton Knit Sweater
GG Supreme Lurex & Cotton Knit Sweater; Photo credit: Luisaviaroma

Gucci Colorful Sweater with Stripes: Gucci has always been a brand that likes to stand out. Whether it creates gala dresses or sweaters, this fashion icon always has an element that wows. This appealing women’s sweater has colored stripes, a nice flower embroidered detailing, long sleeves, and a large fit. It costs $ 937.00 on Yoox

Multicolor Wool Knitwear
Gucci Colorful Sweater with Stripes; Photo credit: Yoox

Gucci Wool Pull for Men: this Gucci sweater for men has a great discount and you can get it for $556 from Vestiaire Collective. It is pre-worn but kept in great condition, it is made of wool and has a blue background with colorful patterns on the chest and a V-neck that’s marked in green. 

Gucci Wool Pull for Men
Gucci Wool Pull for Men; Photo credit: Vestiaire Collective

Red Knit GG Sweater: this appealing sweater with short sleeves costs $900 on Ssense. It is made of a fine cotton blend, it is red and has an allover jacquard logo pattern, a rib-knit crewneck, cuffs, and collar, a hem with black and white stripes. 

Red Knit GG Sweater
Red Knit GG Sweater; Photo credit: Ssense

Wool Sweater with Bee Appliqué: this classic sweater for men has an outstanding detail – the embroidered bee appliqué that features a terry cloth effect. It also has a V-neck, rib trims, a slim fit design, and it is made entirely of wool. It costs $805 on Farfetch

Wool Sweater with Bee Appliqué
Wool Sweater with Bee Appliqué; Photo credit: Farfetch

Gucci Women’s White Sweater: if you prefer a classic sweater or something you can easily adapt to almost any type of pants or shoes; this large white sweater is a great option. It is knitted, lightweight, it features a V-neck, brooch, and it costs $ 890.00 on Yoox

Gucci Women’s White Sweater
Gucci Women’s White Sweater; Photo credit: Yoox

GG Jacquard Sweater: the first thing that drew our attention the moment we saw this item on Farfetch was its fabulous pastel-green color. It is made of a cotton and wool blend and it has an allover jacquard logo motif pattern, crew neck, knitted construction, and ribbed-knit edge. This versatile sweater for women costs $980.

GG Jacquard Sweater
GG Jacquard Sweater; Photo credit: Farfetch

Multicolor Wool Knitwear: this brightly colored Gucci sweater for women costs $470 on Vestiaire Collective. It has a blue background and horizontal colored stripes, an embroidered floral applique, puffed shoulders, and metallic knit accents. 

Multicolor Wool Knitwear
Multicolor Wool Knitwear; Photo credit: Vestiaire Collective.

Cashmere Blend Sweater: if you are looking for something that will make you stand out, this fuchsia sweater can be a perfect match. It is made of soft cashmere, silk, and viscose blend, it has detachable glittering application around the round collar and golden cuffs. Its highlight is a black ribbon. It costs $ 559.00 on Yoox

Cashmere Blend Sweater
Cashmere Blend Sweater; Photo credit: Yoox

Beige Sweater with Floral Design: this nice Gucci sweater for women costs $ 644.00. It is a feminine choice thanks to its eye-catching floral design. It has a round collar, no appliqués or pockets and it is made of the softest silk. 

Beige Sweater with Floral Design
Beige Sweater with Floral Design; Photo credit: Yoox

Gucci Red Sweater for Men: this two-tone men’s sweater from Gucci is a bold choice on the one hand, due to its red color, on the other one, due to its knitted message that says ‘loved’. This round collar sweater is lightweight and comfortable, and it costs $ 578.00 on Yoox.

Gucci Red Sweater for Men
Gucci Red Sweater for Men; Photo credit: Yoox

Striped Cotton Sweater with Lyre: this striped sweater for men is perfect for any casual occasion. It has a dark blue background and white stripes, a lurex patch featuring the motto “Gucci Band” and a lyre. This item is 100% made of cotton and it costs $961 on Farfetch

Striped Cotton Sweater with Lyre
Striped Cotton Sweater with Lyre; Photo credit: Farfetch

Cashmere Blend Sweater: this modern and extra-comfortable sweater for men is a good choice in any circumstances. Its lead color and straight fit make it easy to pair with any type of pants. It is made of 100% cashmere and it has a round collar and solid color. It cost $ 622.00. 

Cashmere Blend Sweater:
Cashmere Blend Sweater; Photo credit: Yoox

Black, Purple and Gold-tone Sweater: this women’s sweater features a nice purple floral pattern throughout. The background is black, and the item is also provided with a golden metallic rib-knit trim. It is lightweight, made of viscose, and it costs $700 on Vestiaire Collective. It has never been worn before. 

Black, Purple and Gold-tone Sweater
Black, Purple and Gold-tone Sweater; Photo credit: Vestiaire Collective.

Back Logo Wool Knit Turtleneck Sweater: this high collar sweater for ladies is an elegant choice that works well with any type of skirt during the cold season. It is ivory and it has ribbed collar, cuffs, and hem, a black logo patch detail. This product is made of a combination of wool, elastane, and polyamide. It costs $980 on Luisaviaroma

Back Logo Wool Knit Turtleneck Sweater
Back Logo Wool Knit Turtleneck Sweater; Photo credit: Luisaviaroma

Gucci sweaters are the definition of luxury. If you want to stay trendy during the cold months, now is the time to buy a cheap Gucci sweaters. For more options that are similar in price, design, and style, browse on the same websites that provide the items above.   

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