Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Hilfiger

We’ve seen them around so often, usually paired with jeans or skirts and all sorts of footwear. Stars have been spotted wearing them on casual occasions and almost everyone seems to have one.

So, how much can one of those popular Tommy Hilfiger T-shirts cost? Is it possible to get one at an affordable price? Find the answer to these dilemmas and check out some cool and cheap Tommy Hilfiger T-shirts you can easily purchase online.

A short brand presentation  

This company’s history goes back to the year 1985 when it was founded by the eponymous designer. Tommy Hilfiger‘s natural talent and predilection for stylish and comfortable clothes have slowly turned the company into one of the most appreciated brands among youngsters among others. Premium style and top quality have been the core attributes of items signed by Tommy Hilfiger.

Logo from Tommy Hilfiger

This company manufactures a wide range of clothes for men, women, and children, along with footwear, accessories, watches, fragrances, and home products. Throughout the years, this brand has slowly gained global recognition. Not surprisingly, it now distributes its products in more than 100 countries and 2,000 retail stores on three continents.

Up to the present day, Mr. Tommy Hilfiger remains at the helm of the company, acting both as a principal designer and leader.

How much does a new Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt cost?

On the official Tommy Hilfiger website, the average T-shirt can cost around $50, with some models going below this price range and others reaching more than $100. If you like this brand and you really want to get one or more T-shirts that proudly boast the Tommy Hilfiger logo, you don’t necessarily have to pay full price.

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You just have to know where to look for the right price. Below, we list some cheap Tommy Hilfiger T-shirts, together with their price and the shop where you can find them. Other similar options are also available at the same online stores, so you can easily browse for alternatives.

A few affordable options

Logo Stripe Print Crew Neck T-shirt: this nice and cozy men’s T-shirt can be found on Farfetch where it costs $47. It is suitable for size S men. This is a great choice for a sporty or casual look. The blue and red logo stripe print is not very ostentatious, yet it doesn’t go unnoticed. This item pairs well with any type of jeans and casual trousers or shorts. 

Logo Stripe Print Crew Neck T-shirt
Logo Stripe Print Crew Neck T-shirt; Photo credit: Farfetch

Men’s White Stretch Cotton Piqué Polo Shirt: the white T-shirt for men is never out of fashion and if being trendy is one of your priorities, this Tommy Hilfiger item is for you. It has a polo collar, a discreet blue and red logo on the left side and is made of 97% cotton and 3% elastane. You can get this product for only $34 on Lyst

Men's White Stretch Cotton Piqué Polo Shirt
Men’s White Stretch Cotton Piqué Polo Shirt; Photo credit: Lyst

Logo Print T-shirt: we like this T-shirt not only because it comes at a great discount of 20% but also because of the great navy-blue contrasting the grey background. It is suitable for men wearing size L. It has the red and white logo printed across the chest, a round neck, straight hem, and is made of organic cotton. It costs $47 on Farfetch.

Logo Print T-shirt
Logo Print T-shirt; Photo credit: Farfetch

Men’s Blue Classics Tipped Polo Shirt: the color of this classic polo shirt makes it suitable for almost any occasion. It features contrasting tipping on the collar and regular fit design. It has a two-button placket and the logo patch both on the chest and on the side vents. It is made of cotton and elastane and costs only $39 on Lyst

Men's Blue Classics Tipped Polo Shirt
Men’s Blue Classics Tipped Polo Shirt; Photo credit: Lyst

Tommy Hilfiger Blue Branded Floral T-Shirt: this cool and casual men’s shirt costs $51 on and it features a bold blue color, the company’s name printed across the chest and embellished with a seasonal floral print on the logo. This tropical T-shirt pairs well with any summer trousers. It is made of 100% organic cotton. 

Tommy Hilfiger Blue Branded Floral T-Shirt
Tommy Hilfiger Blue Branded Floral T-shirt; Photo credit:

Men’s Gray Core Logo T-shirt: everyone seems to be crazy about the white Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt. However, if you want to look different, there are plenty of other options to choose from, such as this cool gray T-shirt. It is made of 100% organic cotton, has a crew neck, and has the logo embroidered across the chest in blue and red. This product costs $32 on Lyst

Men's Gray Core Logo T-shirt
Men’s Gray Core Logo T-shirt; Photo credit: Lyst

Logo-embellished T-shirt: if you are a sophisticated lady who likes to dress casually every now and then, this Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt is for you. It is pale pink and made of the softest cotton. It has a round neck and stylish crystal embellishments on the logo print. It pairs well with jeans and blazer and it will surely be a comfortable alternative to the shirts or dresses you normally wear at work. This item costs $47 on Farfetch

Logo-embellished T-shirt
Logo-embellished T-shirt; Photo credit: Farfetch

Tommy Hilfiger Heritage V-neck T-shirt: what makes this comfy T-shirt stand out is its V-neck. We also love its navy-blue color and the fact that you can wear it both at the office, as part of a casual outfit, but also when you want to be 100% sporty. This lightweight cotton T-shirt has the small Tommy flag on the left breast and it costs $36 on

Tommy Hilfiger Heritage V-neck T-shirt
Tommy Hilfiger Heritage V-neck T-shirt; Photo credit:

Men’s Logo White T-shirt: this men’s white Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt is a great choice for those who like to stay trendy on a hot summer day. The organic cotton choice makes this item both comfortable and environmentally conscious. The T-shirt has a carefully ribbed crew neck collar, the brand’s logo embroidered across the chest, and tonal stitching. This lightweight T-shirt pairs well with jeans and shorts and it costs only $34 on Lyst

Men's Logo White T-shirt
Men’s Logo White T-shirt; Photo credit: Lyst

Embroidered Logo T-shirt: this classic Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt for ladies is one of the most common models this brand has gotten us used to. It features the company’s logo and name on the chest, in blue and red, and the rest of the T-shirt is pale pink. The product is manufactured using organic materials and it features a comfortable round neck. It is suitable for size S ladies and it costs $54 on Farefetch

Embroidered Logo T-shirt
Embroidered Logo T-shirt; Photo credit: Farefetch

Tommy Hilfiger Navy T-shirt: If you want a T-shirt that is both versatile and emphasizes comfort, this is a good option to consider. This navy-blue model has a round neck, is made of lightweight cotton, and features the small logo-flag on the left breast. This product costs $36 on

Tommy Hilfiger Navy T-shirt:
Tommy Hilfiger Navy T-shirt:

Women’s Black Logo Short Sleeve T-shirt: this cool T-shirt comes at a discount of 25% on Lyst where you can buy it for only $19. The T-shirt is black and features the emblematic flag logo across the chest. It has a comfy slip-on style and it is made of a cotton and polyester blend. It makes a great pair with blue jeans and denim skirts. 

Women's Black Logo Short Sleeve T-shirt
Women’s Black Logo Short Sleeve T-shirt; Photo credit: Lyst

Women’s Yellow New Th Ess Hilfiger T Shirt: if you like to stand out even when you dress in sporty or casual clothes, this T-shirt might be the next great addition to your wardrobe. It has a lovely yellow color that makes a great pair with dark and blue jeans. It is ultra-comfortable, has a round neck and the iconic embroidered brand name across the chest. You can get this item on Lyst for $22. 

Women's Yellow New Th Ess Hilfiger T Shirt
Women’s Yellow New Th Ess Hilfiger T Shirt; Photo credit: Lyst

Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt For Women, Candy Pink, Cotton: the candy pink cotton T-shirt is a lovely summer choice. Its round neck and comfortable design will make you feel and look wonderful. This T-shirt measures 82 cm across the chest and 63 cm in the waist. It has the logo print on the chest and its costs $39 in Shoppingscanner

Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt For Women, Candy Pink, Cotton
Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt For Women, Candy Pink, Cotton; Photo credit: Shoppingscanner

Tommy Hilfiger Heritage Logo T-shirt: we found this great choice on where you can buy it for $44. It has the brand’s name printed across the chest in a stylish white font on a blue background. This is a modern adaptation of Tommy Hilfiger’s classic T-shirt. It is made of 100% organic cotton and it can be paired with any type of jeans and jacket. 

Tommy Hilfiger Heritage Logo T-Shirt
Tommy Hilfiger Heritage Logo T-Shirt; Photo credit:

Blue Cindy Flag T-shirt: this trendy light blue T-shirt is an ideal choice for a hot summer’s day when you just want to feel comfortable. This product has a relaxed fit, is made of fine cotton, has a round neck, and sports the brand’s flag on the left breast. It costs $51 on

Blue Cindy Flag T-Shirt:
Blue Cindy Flag T-Shirt; Photo credit: Photo credit:

Tommy Hilfiger T-shirts are both comfortable and trendy. It’s really worth investing in this apparel as it adapts to any occasion and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. If you’re eager to add a Tommy Hilfiger item to your stylish wardrobe, you now know where to get one at an affordable price.