4 Men Luxury Watches You Can Buy Below $5000


Looking to buy an amazing timepiece that not only looks great but will also rise in value? Luxury watches are just that. Buying a luxury watch should be seen as an investment and a good investment is a model that either retains is value or increases over time. But if budget is a concern, we’ve compiled a selection of model that are looking great and will not break the bank.

1. Tudor Grantour Fly-Back

According to the BMWBlog, the Tudor Grantour Chrono Flyback is the latest in motorsport-inspired watches from the famed Swiss brand. The Grantour Chrono Flyback is a 42mm chronograph with a Flyback function. What the Flyback function does, is allow for the chronograph to be reset by the push of one button. On a normal chronograph, when the the chrono is started, it must be stopped and reset before starting off again. So, from start to finish, the process takes three button pushes. With the Flyback function, it takes one to start, but then one to reset each and every time. This is incredibly helpful for when, say, timing laps around Circuit Of The Americas. Both chrono buttons can be locked, with a quarter turn of each, to insure to no accidental pushes.

Official site: tudorwatch.com
Buy it for $4,995 at authenticwatches.com

Tudor Grantour FlyBack
Tudor Grantour FlyBack

2. Hublot Classic Fusion Blue

According to Govberg Jewelers, this classic fusion timepiece combines elements of Hublot’s traditional art of fusion, with a titanium inner case, ceramic outer case, sapphire crystal, alligator leather strap backed by Hublot natural vulcanized rubber. The watch combines the essential Hublot design language as pioneered since the early 1980s, with the latest innovations in material technology and watchmaking savoir faire.

Official site: Hublot.com
Buy it for $4,950 at authenticwatches.com

Hublot Classic Fusion Blue
Hublot Classic Fusion Blue

3. OMEGA Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

The OMEGA Speedmaster Professional Chronograph has a unique place in the history of space exploration as the only piece of equipment used in all of NASA’s piloted space missions from Gemini to the current International Space Station program. When Buzz Aldrin stepped on the lunar surface in 1969, he was wearing a Speedmaster Professional, the chronograph that has been known as the Moonwatch ever since.

Official site: Omegawatches.com
Buy it for $3,525 at Jomashop.com


OMEGA Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch
OMEGA Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

4. TAG HEUER Carrera Calibre 5 Black Dial

The 39mm cases strike the right balance between elegance and function says Hodinkee. While the first Carrera was a well designed three-register chronograph, in recent years TAG Heuer has expanded the line to include not only chronographs, but also time-only models that are imbued with the same crisp design elements as the original.

Original site: tagheuer.com
Buy it for $1,925 at Jomashop.com

TAG HEUER Carrera Calibre 5 Black Dial
TAG HEUER Carrera Calibre 5 Black Dial