Estonia, Upcoming Luxury Destination

Estonia, a small Baltic country covered in evergreen forests and world-famous for its fantastic public wifi coverage, is becoming a sought-after destination for luxury travelers, especially for those looking for a bargain.

Some of Estonia’s most popular attractions are the elegant spa town of Pärnu, the beautiful Old Town of Tallinn, or one of its many pristine islands for those seeking for a nature retreat. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the top luxury experiences and accommodation options available for luxury travelers.

Old Town of Tallinn
Old Town of Tallinn: Photo Credit: Jonathan
Tallinn Skyline
Tallinn Skyline; Photo Credit:Hans Permana
Beautiful Sunset on Estonian Beach
Beautiful Sunset on Estonian Beach, Photo Credit: Fer SG

Estonia’s Luxury Hotels Are a Bargain Compared to Nearby Scandinavia

Compared to nearby Helsinki, Stockholm or Copenhagen, Tallinn’s luxury hotels offer much more affordable rates without making any compromises in quality. Style and character of the city’s luxury hotels vary significantly and there is something for any taste.

In the heart of the city, Tallinn’s Swissotel is located in one of the highest buildings in Estonia. It’s a very modern and luxurious hotel that has great views of the Old Town and the harbor, an amazing spa club dubbed Purovel, and Estonia’s largest ballroom.

Purovel Spa
Purovel Spa, Photo Credit: Swissotel

For a different style and vibe head to Hotel Telegraaf. It is perfectly located just steps away from the Old Town’s medieval square. The hotel’s building, which was beautifully restored into the current five-star hotel, has housed the Estonian Telegraph back in 1878. Aside from incredible architecture and stylish rooms, guests can enjoy fantastic meals cooked by chef Vladislav Djatšuk in the hotel’s Tchaikovsky restaurant.

Hotel Telegraaf, Tallinn
Hotel Telegraaf, Tallinn, Photo Credit: Hotel Telegraaf
Hotel Telegraaf, Pool Area
Hotel Telegraaf, Pool Area, Photo Credit: Hotel Telegraaf

Schlössle Hotel is another very popular option among luxury travelers. Located in the Old Town of Tallinn, it has a rich history and has housed many famous guests such as Prince Charles and Queen Paola of Belgium. The hotel lies in a beautiful 13th century building and all the architectural elements were kept intact during the hotel renovation.

Lobby at the Schlossel Hotel
Lobby at the Schlossel Hotel; Photo Credit: Schlössle Hotel

Discover the Beauty and Charm of Estonia’s Islands

Estonia has over 2,200 islands (!) and they offer a very different feel and vibe than the mainland. The pace of life is slower and the beautiful scenery and wealth of outdoor activities is a major draw for travelers looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Pure Estonian Island Beauty
Pure Estonian Island Beauty; Photo Credit: Anita

But Estonia’s islands are not just a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, they are also famous for their luxury spas and excellent restaurants, specializing in delicious seafood.

Georg Ots Spa Hotel is perfectly located in Kuressaare, the capital of Saaremaa island, and offers splendid harbor views. The architecture and style are distinctively Scandinavian.  The spa center offers a lot of luxurious amenities, while also being child-friendly. You can enjoy many different saunas pools and spa treatments such as the local red algae and salvia body wrap.

For incredible local cuisine head to Saaremaa Veski, a picturesque restaurant located in a windmill. The food is locally sourced and you can enjoy a wide variety of delicious local dishes like the smoked baby trout or wild boar soup.

Saaremaa Veski Restaurant
Saaremaa Veski Restaurant, Photo Credit: Saaremaa Veski

Hiiumaa, the second biggest island in Estonia, is also a great destination for locally-sourced food. You can start by having a few drinks from Hiiumaa Brewery, a local beer company that uses only the purest ingredients to brew their beverages.

Ungru Resto is a seaside restaurant on the northern shores that mixes traditional flavors with touches of the modern kitchen. Try their tasty local fish and you won’t be disappointed.

Hiiumaa Island Estonia
Hiiumaa Island Estonia, Photo Credit:

When it comes to accommodation on Hiiuma, you are best off staying at Dagen Guesthouse, a luxurious space built out of an old grain factory in Orjaku Manor.

Dagen Haus, Hiiumaa Island Estonia
Dagen Haus, Hiiumaa Island Estonia, Photo Courtesy of Dagen House Guesthouse

Pärnu, Estonia’s Preferred Summer Destination

Pärnu is Estonia’s summer capital and it is synonymous with fun in the sun. Travelers from all over the region flock to the city during the summer months to enjoy its sandy beaches, excellent restaurants, vibrant nightlife, and also its famous spa centers.

Parnu Beach Aerial View
Parnu Beach Aerial View; Photo Credit: Visit Parnu
Parnu Beach Estonia
Parnu Beach Estonia; Photo Credit: Visit Parnu

Located in the historic Mud Baths complex, Hedon Spa & Hotel stands for a wonderful overnight vacation spot. The rooms are beautifully decorated and the boutique spa area consists of a bathing area, silent spa experience, and treatment rooms. When out of the wellness oasis, you are able to visit the beachfront for some swimming and walking along the promenade.

Hedon Hotel & Spa, Estonia
Hedon Hotel & Spa, Estonia; Photo Credit: Andres Putting via

When you get hungry, head out to Restaurant Raimond, where each dish looks like a masterpiece. There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options as well.

Another unmissable attraction on Pärnu is Pärnu Bay Golf Links. Opened in 2015, the golf course is situated on a narrow strip of land with unbeatable scenery. The golf course was nominated for the Best Golf Course in 2016 by the World Golf Awards. After a golf game, guests can relax at the modern clubhouse and dine at the elegant EAGLE restaurant, which offers breathtaking sea views.

Pärnu Bay Golf Links
Pärnu Bay Golf Links; Photo Credit: Pärnu Bay Golf Links
Pärnu Bay Golf Links
Pärnu Bay Golf Links; Photo Credit: Pärnu Bay Golf Links


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