10 Affordable Hermes Belts

Belts might not be the first thing you hunt for on a shopping spree, but a nice belt can spice up virtually any look. And a designer belt can become the it-piece in your wardrobe, reflecting your status and impeccable taste.

Do you know how stylists calculate the true price of an item? They take the price tag and divide it by the number of outings. Try it yourself – You’ll see that it’s cheaper to get one Hermes belt that will last for years than opt for multiple mass market belts you’ll need to replace every season. 

1. Ancre Belt Buckle & Reversible Leather Strap 13 mm

Ancre Belt Buckle & Reversible leather strap 13 mm

What would be three adjectives to describe this Hermes belt? I suggest classic, minimalistic, and chic. Its rose-gold metal buckle looks pretty and not too pretentious, and the reversible calfskin leather strap goes with any pair of pants. 

For just £435 you get a piece that basically fills the ‘belt gap’ in your wardrobe. 

2. Gamma Belt Buckle & Reversible Leather Strap 13 mm

Gamma Belt Buckle & Reversible Leather Strap 13

This price tag of £450 is really affordable if you consider that it’s a high-class French product. The recognizable Gamma buckle will immediately tell everyone around that you’re the owner of a luxury item, and the rose Mexico / rouge colors of the reversible strap truly match a classy lady’s wardrobe. 

3. Mini Mors H Belt Buckle & Reversible Leather Strap 13 mm

Mini Mors H Belt Buckle & Reversible Leather Strap 13 mm

If you want a belt that will never go out of fashion, get this one. I’d opt for the classic noir / craie colors that perfectly complement the belt’s gold buckle. 

With a width of 13 mm, the strap will fit any pair of jeans. It also combines nicely with loose dresses or blouse, adding shape to highlight your waist. 

4. As de Coeur Belt Buckle & Reversible Leather Strap 13 mm

As de Coeur Belt Buckle & Reversible Leather Strap 13 mm

This £470 accessory is just perfect. The color of love matches the romantic ace of hearts on the buckle; the quality is Hermes, which equals top-notch.

I’d be happy to get such a rouge accessory for this year’s Valentine’s Day and to wear it over a masculine blazer for an on-trend look. If rouge isn’t for you, there are 11! more color combinations to choose from. 

5. Royal Belt Buckle & H Strap 32 mm

Royal Belt Buckle & H Strap 32 mm

This H-strapped wide belt will become a game changer in your wardrobe, especially if you go for the noir / chocolate combination displayed in the photo. Strict and bold, this accessory transmits a masculine vibe and makes a bold statement. A perfect styling tool for a confident woman.

6. H Hippique Belt Buckle & Reversible Leather Strap 32 mm

H Hippique Belt Buckle & Reversible Leather Strap 32 mm

Do you like black suits for the office and bright daring colors for after work? No problem! Hermes has the answer for girls like you: a noir / orange reversible strap and a playful horse racing buckle. Pay £645 and get yourself a piece that suits any occasion.  

7. Leather Strap 24 mm

Leather Strap 24 mm

So you’re not into classic belts. Searching for something more special? 

If you want to add a little punk-rock flair to your outfit, go for this £540 buckle-less strap with studs. It will rock even the most drab denim look.

8. Bubbles Belt Buckle & Reversible Leather Strap 24 mm

Bubbles Belt Buckle & Reversible Leather Strap 24 mm

If you are on a hunt for a statement belt, this bubble buckle fits the bill. Spice up your old pants or wear it with your trendy oversize blazer – it’s up to you. The piece will stay in your wardrobe for so long – guaranteed. 

9. Mini Medor Belt Buckle & Reversible Leather Strap 24 mm

Mini Medor Belt Buckle & Reversible Leather Strap 24 mm

Wearing this £565 Mini Medor with pants is the most obvious choice. 

But for a more sophisticated look, combine it with a trendy shirt dress. It will give your style some boost and balance out both formal and edgy outfits. 

10. 5385 Belt Buckle & H Strap 32 mm

5385 Belt Buckle & H Strap 32 mm

This matte PVD buckle will easily fit the wardrobe of all lovers of casual denim outfits and sport chic fashion. Simple yet unique, it will give contrast to your monochrome design and add some flair to your everyday ensembles. 

There’s a golden rule in fashion: If you can only afford one luxury piece, it should be an accessory. It makes perfect sense as no sweater will last as long as a belt, especially a Hermes belt.

10 Affordable but Stylish Kate Spade Shoulder Bags

Marylin Monroe believed that diamonds were a girl’s best friends. I beg to disagree: Bags are! First, unlike diamonds, they don’t cost a fortune. Second, they have this mystical power of giving a finish to even the simplest look. Whether you want to impress with a classic outfit or to bring some glamor to your monochrome look, Kate Spade has the answer for you. 

1. Roulette Large Hobo Bag

Roulette Large Hobo Bag

The Kate Spade shoulder bag list is definitely topped by this pebbled leather hobo bag. I would dub it the holy grail among all black handbags. Pick this one and you won’t have to search for another piece for years. It will fit into your wardrobe no matter what your lifestyle. 

This item is like the little black dress – timeless, chic, and always a good idea. At the same time, its roulette shape gives it a stylish edge. If you already own a sturdy black bag, go for blazer blue, deep cornflower, or light fawn. Believe me, they look as great as their names sound. Or don’t believe me and just go to the Kate Spade website check for yourself. 

Anyday Medium Shoulder Bag

2. Any day Medium Shoulder Bag

This is yet another affordable but very luxurious looking piece for those allergic to hardcore luxury. It isn’t a king’s ransom, it is super universal, and it’s as soft as baby’s skin. The contrast-color tassel and trim make the bag even more interesting while not less practical. 

It’s one of those magical pieces that can be a perfect invisible addition to a statement outfit or a statement piece if paired with a plain dress. 

3. Large Loop Shoulder Bag

Loop Large Shoulder Bag

Made in soft pebbled leather, this handbag is so classic that it’s timeless. Sturdy and structured, it will pull together even a haphazard ensemble of plain top and baggy bottoms. The cute tassel adds a flirty flair. 

Presented in black, warm taupe, deep evergreen, and red current, it will match any winter look and fit any occasion. With its three compartments, the bag will easily accommodate a 13” laptop, a smartphone, a charger, a wallet, and a vanity case. 

4. Zeezee Large Work Tote

Zeezee Large Work Tote

With this super spacious work tote, you’ll see how ea-zee it is to look stylish in the office. All your files are in orderly rows, your laptop is in a separate padded compartment, and you still have enough room for your vanity purse. 

Personally, I would go for the faded anemone – the name itself sells me. Or you can choose from black, deep evergreen, swordfish, or true taupe. You’ll look amazing with any of them.

5. Roulette Medium Messenger Bag

Roulette Medium Messenger Bag

Minimalistic, zip-topped, and soft, this messenger bag will give you an ultimate sense of comfort and convey the style message to everyone around. If you’re tired of standard red, black, and taupe (which are also options for this bag, by the way), see how this romantic horizon blue sweetie fits your wardrobe. 

Equally perfect for cold winter and warm summer days, it will be your investment piece for seasons to come. 

6. Nicola Twistlock Medium Shoulder Bag

Nicola Twistlock Medium Shoulder Bag

Black, optic white, or deep evergreen for a cold season as well as green bean, cloud mist, and lemon sorbet for a sunny day, this shoulder bag is the ultimate piece. Its rounded corners and heart twist lock give it a feminine flair without being showy. Its soft, smooth leather feels nice to the touch, and its well thought-out inside will help you keep everything organized. 

7. Everything Puffy Large Tote

Everything Puffy Large Tote

Winter 2020-21 is all about puffy nylon. Isn’t it high time you went further than a puffer jacket and a pair of puffer boots? This large tote can be the cherry on your puffy apparel outfit. Alternatively, use it to balance a tightly fitting outfit. 

Kate Spade calls the hue swordfish. Well, with this bag, you won’t need to fish for compliments as you’ll be showered with them. 

8. Daily Medium Messenger Bag

Daily Medium Messenger Bag

Either in red current or black, this messenger bag will add a youthful twist to your look. Spacious enough to fit a bunch of stuff, it pairs perfectly with sneakers for the student-life aesthetic and with heavy combat boots for an edgy flair. With two exterior flap pockets and two separate interior ones, this nylon guy will be your regular outing companion any season. 

The Kate Spade logo is exquisitely placed at the bottom part of the large flap, serving as a final touch without adding a logomania feel. 

9. Spade Flower Jacquard Everything Stripe Large Tote

Spade Flower Jacquard Everything Stripe Large Tote

Do you dress in neutrals? Do you prefer monochrome over motley? Then this piece is a real find. It is visually interesting and chic looking. The unique jacquard fabric, cut vertically by two stripes, places this accessory at the crossroads of sport chic and classic. It’s so roomy you can move houses with it. 

On top of that, you get a detachable wrestle pouch for various tidbits. If you’re too reasonable to spend a monthly salary on a heavy-luxury bag, this tote is for girls like you. 

10. Kitt Felt Large North South Tote

Kitt Felt Large North South Tote

Last but not least, this flirty felt tote is a die-for bag. Made with the recognizable Kate Spade flower pattern, it features lilac, mustard, and blazer blue hues in a manner that would complement any look, a denim one in particular. So, if you’re a jeans-girl, you’ll shine like a star with this piece on your shoulder. 

Owing to a drop-in monochrome pouch, the bag gives you more than enough space to carry your belongings around. 

Maximal comfort and a pinch of flirt are in the DNA of Kate Spade’s brand. Isn’t that all we 21st-century girls need? 

Property of the Week: Chelsea Modern Building in the Heart of New York

447 West 18th Street – Apartment #PH9B. Listing by Sophie P. Ravet of Brown Harris Stevens.

The Chelsea Modern building stands out in its neighborhood with its bold, rippling glass exterior. Its pattern of clear and blue tinted windows with built-in blinds makes the building look as sleek on the inside as it does on the outside. Completed in 2009, it is not only visually striking, but offers up-to-date features and amenities. 

Apartment PH9B, featured here, has a Nest smart thermostat system with six zones for customized climate control and a Sonos sound system that lets you enjoy your tunes in every room. This penthouse apartment comes with not one, but two private outdoor terraces large enough for entertaining, thoughtfully equipped with automated irrigation and lighting as well as an outdoor glass-screened firepit and a fountain. 

Terrace/ Apartment #PH9B/ Photo by Brown Harris Stevens

Indoors, there are three full bathrooms and three bedrooms in a split plan that ensures privacy for each bedroom. Each bathroom is outfitted with large mirrors and contemporary fixtures. Warm teak-toned cabinetry and surfaces complement the cooler blue and gray neutrals of the other rooms. 

We’re particularly impressed with the open kitchen in this unit. It utilizes a galley layout that maximizes efficiency but also leverages the open space to provide spacious work surfaces and a generous six-burner Viking cooktop with room to spare. With a SubZero fridge, Miele dishwasher and Marvel wine cooler, this kitchen seems to have all the high-end, no-nonsense appliances appropriate for serious cooking. There’s cold storage provided in the building’s package room, too, so one can look forward to working with the finest and freshest ingredients. 

Chelsea Modern is located in the heart of New York’s art scene, just a block or two away from the waterfront and the famous High Line park. 

View from the Terrace
View from the Terrace / Apartment #PH9B/ Photo by Brown Harris Stevens

What Buys You a Luxury Property in America’s Largest Cities

Following a difficult Spring season, the housing market has finally bounced back, thanks to feverish activity throughout the Summer and the Fall seasons. Prices have not only held up, but have also continued to grow, with the median listing price in the US at $350,000, up 12.2% Y-o-Y in October, according to a report by Realtor.com.

The luxury real estate market has also had a good year, as wealthy consumers have been less affected by the pandemic. In fact, many wealthy buyers have fled to suburbia in efforts to escape strict urban lockdowns, which has resulted in many reports of bidding wars over suburban luxury property.

This suburban exodus has certainly left a few cities scrambling, with the nation’s top luxury markets – New York and San Francisco – experiencing a difficult year, made evident by sluggish sales and discounted prices on the high-end of the market.

But luxury markets, even in America’s most expensive cities, are not equal. There are stark differences that exist between San Francisco and New York alone, and those differences only continue to become even more pronounced when we compare them with other markets such as Houston or Memphis. What will buy you a luxury property in Memphis, TN, for instance, might not even be enough to buy you a proper one-bedroom in Manhattan.

So we turned to Redfin and Zillow to assess what truly makes a luxury property in some of the largest cities in the US.

We ranked all the cities based on the highest threshold necessary for a home to be labeled locally as luxury property

We analyzed the top 10% of the listings (each with a price of at least $500,000, which is a widely-accepted definition for luxury property). Then, we ranked all the cities based on the highest threshold necessary for a home to be labeled locally as luxury property.

Some of the markets we analyzed, like Detroit and Baltimore, fell short of the description, with the 10% of their respective listings dropping well below the $500,000 mark, and they were thus excluded from our ranking.

In Spite of a Difficult Year, Manhattan is Still the Undisputed Capital of Luxury Real Estate

Despite a very long, arduous and uncertain 2020, Manhattan still holds the undisputed crown of having the priciest luxury market in the entire US. As a matter of fact, the cheapest property you can find in the luxury segment, defined as the top 10% priciest listing, is listed at close to $6.5M.

But possibly the most staggering fact of all is the sheer size of the luxury market – there are over 1,000 properties priced above $6.5 million! By comparison: not even the priciest property in about half of the nation’s largest 50 cities comes even close to hitting $6.5 million – but Manhattan has over 1,000 properties that easily do.

Over 1,000 Properties are Priced Above $6.5M in Manhattan

It’s a buyer’s market right now. “Smart buyers are securing luxury penthouses, new developments and supersized space at large discounts,” says Mara Flash Blum of Sotheby’s International Realty. And discounted prices are also leading to multiple bidding wars for luxury property, according to the same Sotheby’s broker.

Michael Shapot of Compass agrees that the current market is favoring buyers. “Buyers in NYC today perceive that they are in the driver’s seat and are making lowball offers. Some sellers are willing to play ball,” Michael tells us. “But not every luxury property is in demand – Some unique properties are flying off the shelves, if they’re move-in ready and offer value. By contrast, properties that need work, and are even a tad overpriced, are likely to sit and have multiple price corrections.”

Luxury apartment at 30 Park Place, New York – Priced at $6.6M | Listing courtesy of Mara Flash Blum

Los Angeles: Super-Hot Luxury Market

Coming in at second place on our list, L.A. is not only the nation’s second-most expensive luxury market, but also the second-largest, featuring hundreds of homes listed above $5M. And L.A. does surpass NYC in at least one category – it is home to two of the nation’s priciest listings.

Contrarily to NYC, the L.A. luxury market has had a banner year, with the median sale price in the luxury segment up 33% Y-o-Y in Q3 2020, according to a report by Douglas Elliman.

“The [L.A.] market has been moving at a record-setting pace during these past 6 months and looks to continue its strong activity well into 2021. The pandemic has made the modern-day buyer switch their perspective a bit and people are heavily investing in their personal space right now and huge importance is being placed on amenities such as home offices, home gyms, and a privatized outdoor space,” according to Mick Partridge of Partridge Estates.

San Diego: Lifestyle, Culture and Climate Makes for a Very Attractive Luxury Market

San Diego comes in a surprising third position, pulling in front of well-established markets such as San Francisco and Boston. San Diego was voted as one of the four most performant luxury markets in 2019 by Coldwell Banker, and has lured luxury buyers due to its close proximity to the beach, beautiful weather, and a fantastic culture. According to Jason Barry of Barry Estates, the pandemic has shifted the market by attracting more people from outside San Diego County.

San Francisco: Depressed Luxury Condo Sales, Townhouses Recover

San Francisco, the nation’s most expensive city, also boasts the fourth-priciest luxury market in the entire country. Real estate in the city is so expensive, in fact, that the average property listed in San Francisco is more expensive than the majority of luxury properties in the cities listed in the second half of our table.

On the other hand, though, the property market is much more homogenous from a pricing perspective – there is a distinct lack of affordable properties in the city, but there is also a lack of trophy properties – priced at $30M or above – that you could easily find in Manhattan or Los Angeles.

Similarly to the situation in NYC, properties in high-density areas of San Francisco (primarily condos) have taken a hit this year, according to Compass. Luxury single-family homes sales, however, have rebounded.

Boston: Glut of Unsold Luxury Condos in the Downtown Area

Boston rounds out in the top five, with luxury property priced at $2,795,000 and above. It should be noted that Boston luxury market has seen better days, though, as its Downtown area has suffered the same fate as Downtown San Francisco and Manhattan have.  According to the Greater Boston Association of Realtors, there is currently a glut of unsold condos in the Downtown area, with inventory levels up 50% Y-o-Y. Might be a great time to snatch a luxury condo in Boston!

Honolulu: Hot Luxury Market

Honolulu’s real estate market – and Hawaii’s statewide market, for that matter – is as hot as ever. The number of luxury properties sold in 2020 in the state of Hawaii was able to keep pace with 2019’s sales. Moreover, Oahu, the home state capital of Honolulu, topped Maui for the most uber-luxury sales (priced at $10 million and above), according to local brokerage Hawaii Life. Two of those uber-luxury sales were luxury condos in Honolulu.

Brooklyn: High Inventory Levels and Lower Prices

Brooklyn’s luxury market has certainly seen better years. According to a Douglas Elliman report, there are more luxury homes on the market, and it’s taking more time to sell them, in spite of lower prices. But there is one segment of the market that is seeing a rebound – townhomes. October saw 3x more contracts being signed for townhomes, compared to the same month last year – suggesting that this just might be the right time to snatch up a beautiful brownstone!

San Jose: High Demand and Low Inventory Levels

San Jose is a strong seller’s market, and high demand coupled with low inventory levels is pushing prices higher and higher. San Jose was voted by Realtor.com to be the hottest housing market in the country for 2021, so don’t expect things to cool down any time soon.

Washington, D.C.: Booming Sales Market, Luxury Rentals Crashing

The luxury market is booming in D.C, with more and more people looking for space and recreation at home, according to Laurie Mensing, a realtor with Christie’s/Long & Foster Real Estate. But the luxury real estate market here has seen one casualty: luxury rentals, which have seen steep rates in vacancies and price drops.

Dallas & Charleston: Most Expensive Luxury Markets in the South

Dallas ties with Charleston not only for the 10th-most expensive luxury market in the U.S., but also for the most expensive markets in the South.

“The Dallas luxury market is super-hot, and this is due to the influx of people moving in from California, Chicago and New York,” according to Compass broker Christy Berry. But, as opposed to other places, not everyone wants a larger home. Some people are simply looking to downsize, as their current homes take too much work to maintain.

Similarly to San Diego, the city of Charleston is also attracting more and more people for its climate, culture and lifestyle. And many of these out-of-towners are snatching up luxury properties. The market is hot, and there is a lot of activity even in the uber-luxury segment, which is represented in Charleston by properties priced at $4M and above.


We analyzed the top 10% of the listings, priced at $500,000 and above, found on Zillow and Redfin (cross-checked between the two websites). The top 10% of the listings is a widely accepted definition for luxury real estate. The median list price was sourced from Redfin. The data for the most expensive listings was researched on December 15th.

Featured property photo by Evan Dvorkin.

Property of the Week: Incredible Central Park Views at 1280 Fifth Avenue

1280 Fifth Avenue – unit 17B and unit 20F. Listings by Corcoran’s Group broker Victoria Rong Kennedy.

From unit 17B at 1280 Fifth Avenue, you don’t need to step outside to enjoy the perks of being situated in prime territory. This isn’t just another upscale apartment that happens to be next to Central Park: it’s a dwelling designed to, well, corner the advantages of this magnificent location and view. 

View/ Unit 17B/ Corcoran

Look at the floor plan of this three bed, three bath unit, and you’ll see that it’s not a stretch to say that close to half the wall space consists of wide, floor-length windows with southern or western exposures that showcase both the park and the spectacular skyline beyond. The living room, with its corner windows, provides an almost panoramic view of the cityscape. 

Wide-plank white oak floors, modern teak cabinetry, and upscale stone and tile choices make for bright, warm, and fresh interiors that complement the expansive views and eschew any excessive ornateness. 

This building, One Museum Mile, was designed by famed architect Robert A. M. Stern and features the most desirable amenities, including a rooftop swimming pool and garden terrace, fitness center, children’s playroom, a lounge and entertaining spaces, and an impressive lobby with doorman service. As one might expect, there’s a wealth of world-class museums and cultural institutions along Fifth Avenue and in the neighborhood. 

The Building
The Building/ Corcoran

Unit 17B is listed at $4,600,000, but we noticed that 20F, a similarly impressive, smaller-scale two-bedroom unit with Central Park views, is also available for roughly half the price. It may not have the corner windows, but it shares the same splendid construction and top-notch west-facing views. Each option does a wonderful job of making the location feel just as much of an asset when you’re indoors as when you’re out. 

10 Affordable Michael Kors Winter Jackets for Women

Being stylish in summer is a piece of cake. But have you tried to look chic in winter? Personally, I feel like wearing a duvet and a kilometer-long scarf on top of it when it’s cold: comfort first, style second, please. If you’re anything like me, Michael Kors has come to the rescue with his women’s jackets that will keep you warm and cozy without compromising your fashionista identity, and that’s at an affordable price. Let’s have a look together at what he has to offer.

1. Quilted Faux Leather Puffer Jacket 

Quilted Faux Leather Puffer Jacket

For an edgy yet classic look! Are you tired of ridiculously oversized puffer jackets that remind you of a New York bum? Good news: this piece is just the opposite. While the jacket does feature a rather voluminous collar and a quilted structure, rendering it an edgy look, the item itself is timeless. I could imagine myself wrapped up in this faux leather cutie paired with a silhouette skirt or my new gray joggers. Both options appeal to me equally. And you know what? I feel warm even when thinking about it. Now discounted at $262.50 on the official Michael Kors website, it could quite possibly become your best winter investment. 

2. A Quilted Nylon Puffer Jacket 

A Quilted Nylon Puffer Jacket

For self-confident trend-setters! For those of you who are not so much into all-black, this crimson $221.25 puffer jacket is a perfect alternative. With the edgy golden top-down panel featuring the MK logo, this piece is made with confident women in mind. Imagine styling it up with your favorite heels for a contemporary eclectic look – You’ll rock any city!

You know what else is great about this item? It’s practical features: a zip for a quick dressing experience, drawcords on the hem and hood (we don’t want to let wind and cold anywhere close, right?), and, well, the hood itself. 

3. Quilted Houndstooth Nylon Puffer Jacket 

Quilted Houndstooth Nylon Puffer Jacket

For ladies who want it all in one! If you’re an indecisive Libra (either in the zodiac or at heart) and cannot pick one color, go for this black-and-white houndstooth. A timeless classic, it is this season’s definite choice, and that’s at an affordable $234.75. Tailored in the trendy puffer silhouette, it is so multifunctional that you can twist it either as an office-day jacket or a ski-weekend puffer. Water-resistant and with a zip, it is created for ladies who live their life on the go. I would wear it as a statement piece with a total-black first layer, and you?

4. Diamond Quilted Ciré Puffer Coat 

Diamond Quilted Ciré Puffer Coat

For those who want it glossy but practical! This ciré jacket will make you shine bright this year at only $262.50. Its glossy diamond-quilt surface and logo-featuring zipper is balanced by pragmatic features: a drawcord hood, large flap pockets, perfect length, and a drawstring waist for a warmer feel. A perfect choice if you have been looking for universal outerwear that’s not too boring. 

5. Metallic Quilted Chevron Packable Puffer Jacket

Metallic Quilted Chevron Packable Puffer Jacket

For a bold statement! Here’s one more quilted jacket, this time for the most confident ladies who want to leave a lasting impression. The metallic detachable hood piece will help you stand out against the backdrop of a muddy winter. The elastic cuffs will keep your arms hidden from the bitter frost. If you’re not so bold as to go for the shiny bronze option (or a silver one for this matter), pick a conservative black version instead. In any case, it’s a perfect deal at only $141.75. Hurry up if you want to secure yourself this baby – the price-to-quality ratio is unbelievable.

6. Mini Logo Ciré Reversible Puffer Jacket 

Mini Logo Ciré Reversible Puffer Jacket

For women who like to have a choice! This reversible ciré jacket in a yummy chocolate tint is a two-in-one piece. How would you like to get more than one look for only $262.50? The discounted price seems just as attractive as the quilted puffer itself. Glossy and minimalistic or logo-printed and daring – it’s up to you. Give in to the day and pick your mood!

7. Sequined Ciré Puffer Jacket 

Sequined Ciré Puffer Jacket

For a dazzling impression! Do you want to say ‘no!’ to the gloomy weather? This sequined puffer will help you shine like a diamond – it is a perfect outerwear piece for a lady who does not feel like mingling with the crowd. Now going down at $337.50, this versatile jacket will match your New Year’s Eve gown just as great as your new pair of washed-out jeans. 

8. Quilted Nylon Puffer Jacket

Quilted Nylon Puffer Jacket

For a fresh winter style! Available in four colors, this dark red/gold/black/hot pink puffer is yours at just $149.00 now. Blindfold me and let me pick one because you know what? I absolutely love each of them! I am honestly ordering one as I am typing this, torn by the urge to get every single version out there. Insulated, lightweight, and practical, this jacket will be your absolute favorite for a few winters in a row.  

9. Quilted Nylon Jacket 


For women who want some 80s flair! If you want to pull together any casual look, this chocolate brown bomber jacket is exactly what you need this winter. With a fur-trimmed hood, slash pockets, and elastic cuffs, you stand no chance of feeling the cold. This piece is so versatile that it will easily blended into any closet. Inspired by the 80s, it looks just as great in 2021. The new price of $262.50 is also quite attractive for this sleek catch.

10. Shearling Lined Quilted Puffer Jacket 

Shearling Lined Quilted Puffer Jacket

For an elegantly relaxed vibe! That’s right – another quilted jacket. This time, too elegant to resist. Snap it up or leave it open, revealing the shearling lining. You’ll look like a star in both cases. This piece will hardly warm you up when it’s minus ten outside, but it’s definitely the to-go-for outerwear if you want to look sleek on a mild winter’s day. Personally, I would steal the entire styling idea: this black-and-white ensemble is to die for. 

P.S. Santa is wrapping up gifts for Christmas. Isn’t it about time you included this slightly more expensive ($446.25) but totally-worth-it baby on your personal wish list?

Well, it looks like I will have to say good-bye to my duvet this winter, Mr. Kors. You’ve got me by the hook with your trendy yet cozy and affordable selection. 

10 Affordable Tommy Hilfiger from the 2020 Winter Collection

The capsule collection developed by Tommy Hilfiger for the 2020 winter season was generously inspired by street looks and warm textures and colors. Thinking on a world suffering from a lack of hugs, friendliness, and walks on the street, the American designer created pieces that bring these sensations into our wardrobes and around our bodies.  

Inherited from the pandemic situation and home offices, blanket dressings, enveloping cuts, and comfy sweatpants are the must-have, highly desired pieces of the most fashion-tuned people, both generation X and Z. 

Given the difficult situation worldwide, the designer chose classic pieces with an almost contemporary design that when styled in a pretty, relaxed and funky way, give a sportive and chic look; always highlighting the logo of the brand and maintaining a warm palette. Let us take a look at the top ten of Tommy’s collection for these autumn-winter months.

1. College Jacket

College Jacket

The classic college jacket with stripes on the ribbon, large numbers, and the brand’s logo is a season winner. In general, it comes in two colors and plenty of zippers: a traditional and jokey piece that goes well with anything from denim to straight pants, from tees to dresses.

2. Wool Cap

 Wool Cap

During the cold months, the winter sports season beings with it trends like this comfy wool cap. Tommy Hilfiger went for black and red, some with the brand logo and some with delicate designs. A stylish piece for the most demanding fashionistas.

3. Big Plaid Pattern

Big Plaid Pattern

What can be more grunge than red plaid, reference of the vocal leader Kurt Cobain, the punk designer Vivienne Westwood, and Malcolm McLaren? Sportive and irreverent, the pieces are a must-have besides being so embracing. It looks like a hug from a group of old friends, doesn’t it?

4. Silk Lace Stocking

Silk Lace Stocking

The classic black stocking in silk has gained extra charm with the brand logo in a devoré technique. Presented in black, the item is undoubtedly one of the most requested for the season. Use during the day or through the night, from casual look to the most elegant occasions.  

5. Straight Pants

Straight Pants

Straight pants may look like a throwback to the 50s, especially with sharp creases, but when styled with tees, sportive hoodies, grunge coats, and unconventional belts they become daring and super elegant. The designer also suggests pants in short lengths to show off the shoes, always preserving the straight cut. Not for the ordinary!

6. Leather Under-Knee Boots

Leather Under-Knee Boots

One of the high points of the whole collection is definitely the boots that come in versions of black and different lengths, soldier boots in a more grunge vibe, and up-knee boots with horse heels on the back. There is also one in silver and one in brown nubuck. One for each look, as long as you wear the pair.

7. Over Dress Coat

Over Dress Coat

Overcoats that look like dresses are a must in this capsule collection, as the pieces can be mixed and matched, and the long coats can be worn on their own. Versatile and full of style, the long coats come with golden buttons and in a plaid version too. Time to be bold!

8. Cocoon Patchwork Blanket Dress

Cocoon Patchwork Blanket Dress

One of the boldest clothes of the collection is this cocoon dress in a patchwork design that is also padded. The piece looks fantastic when worn over a dress and with a belt. With a stand up neckline and warm yet delicate palette, this is an original design among a few reissued classics.

9. Metal Belt 

 Metal Belt

Accessories are aimed to sell more than clothes as they can be worn in different ways. One of the pieces used in three pictures of the lookbook is a belt with a significant oval metal buckle engraved with the arms of the brand. The designer suggests the use of a belt to mark the waist, defining the silhouette.

10. Leather Handbag

Leather Handbag

With the flair of a Western cow-girl mixed with a hint of streetwear and grunge pieces worn with classics, the cherry of the online capsule collection is the nubuck handbag with the arms of the brand. It combines perfectly with the boots, and is large enough to carry all your essentials.  

Property of the Week: Dramatic Duplex Living in Tribeca, NYC

 16th Warren Street TH4 New York, NY

Townhome 4 at 16 Warren Street in Tribeca is undoubtedly loft living at its finest. Lofts, of course, are often coveted for their high ceilings and ample natural lighting. This unit excels at both, boasting sixteen-foot high ceilings and immense, stately windows. Some lofts go for a grittier industrial look, but Townhome 4 plays up a luxuriously clean and refined aesthetic. 

The main attraction has to be the spectacular great room and kitchen, where the grand ceiling and window proportions contribute to an atmosphere of expansiveness beyond the room’s ample actual dimensions. We love the muntins that partition the upper portion of the window into rectangles: this plays nicely on the boxy forms of the buildings in view across the street. The open kitchen is compact, but lavishly appointed with Miele and Sub-Zero appliances. 

Can the rest of this home live up to this breathtaking space? Certainly. Each of the three bedrooms has magnificent windows, too, and the master bedroom opens onto a private balcony large enough for comfortable seating. The second bedroom features nearly floor-to-ceiling corner windows as well as its own full bath, and there’s flexible expandability into the third bedroom. 

One of the most fascinating aspects of the floorplan is that the unit is entered from the center. Both levels of this home are arranged in a ring around the entryway and core of the building – a feature reminiscent of ancient Roman homes. Generous closets and additional building storage space keep clutter at bay, making for serene, flowing hallways. 

You’ll find this gem located in the coveted and upscale Tribeca neighborhood on the southern end of Manhattan, just steps away from parks, rivers, and all manner of exciting urban amenities. 

This property is seeking a lucky buyer who wants a townhouse appeal with dramatic entertaining space, according to the listing brokers Mara Flash Blum and Laurie Silverman of Sotheby’s International Realty. More information about the listing can be found here.

Your Best-Value Insider Guide to Discovering Vietnam, from Experiences to Accommodation

Dream to travel and travel to dream. Even though Covid-19 put international travel into hibernation for most of 2020, our inner travelers still itch to get on a plane and explore exotic lands. While we patiently wait for all borders to open, let’s embark on a virtual journey to Vietnam, recently placed 13th out of 21 destinations in Condé Nast Traveller’s The Best Holiday Destinations For 2021.

Immersing in Nature and History in the North

Explore Hanoi, the Heart of the Nation

Hanoi – where thousand-year-old culture blends with the modern age. Before Covid-19, direct flights to Hanoi had become more frequent than ever thanks to the tourism boom. Visitors often want to check out the charming Old Quarter, situated in the city center. But you can enjoy this exciting way to discover the city’s iconic backstreets – from the back of a Minsk.

Backstreet adventure by Minsk
Backstreet adventure by Minsk; photo credit: hanoibackstreettours.com

How about a little wake-me-up with creamy egg coffee or ca phe sua da (milk coffee)? Hanoians love sipping coffee and catching up throughout the day! There are hundreds of coffee shops in the Old Quarter so make sure to stop by for some.

Small Coffee Shop
Small Coffee Shop; Photo by Hieu Tran on Unsplash

And, let’s not forget about Hanoi’s street food scene. Hearty, flavorful, and easy on the wallet, you will agree with us that the town has more to offer than Banh Mi. Our recommendation? Walking around the Old Quarter after dark and having a bite (or more) for dinner!

Where to Stay in Hanoi:

Finding a place to spend the night in Hanoi is easy these days. A click away on booking.com or Agoda and you’ll be drowned in thousands of hotels. The question is, where to look? Below are our top picks: 

Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi

Constructed under French colonial rule in 1901, Sofitel Hanoi is among the most important historical landmarks of the city. Beyond staying in a 5-star hotel, you will feel like you’re taking a trip back in time to the Hanoi of the early 20th century.

Sofitel Legend Metropole
Sofitel Legend Metropole; Photo credit https://www.cybevasion.fr/

Hanoi La Siesta Trendy Hotel

A 4-star boutique hotel situated in the Old Quarter. The hotel’s design is contemporary, giving you such a cosmopolitan vibe.

Hanoi La Siesta Trendy Hotel
Hanoi La Siesta Trendy Hotel; Photo credit: lasiestahotels.vn

Beguiled by Mountains and Valleys

It’s time to head north to the mountains. With ranges stretching as far as the eye can see and lovely valleys tucked between, the region is perfect for adventure. Sa Pa may be the most popular but the lesser-known spots are equally remarkable. Pu Luong Nature Reserve in Thanh Hoa province (southwest of Hanoi) is such a place. Well-preserved nature and lush valleys will take your breath away. Also, local communities offer valuable insights into the minority diversity of the region.

Beguiled by Mountains and Valleys
Beguiled by Mountains and Valleys; Photo credit: indochinatravelblog.com

Where to Stay in Pu Luong:

It is the best of both worlds when you can enjoy modern facilities yet respect the wonderful nature and ethnic culture. Luckily, more and more vacation homes take on this sustainable approach. When in Pu Luong, check out Pu Luong Retreat – a 3-star cozy holiday home focusing on up-cycling and recognizing the local heritage.

Pu Luong Retreat
Pu Luong Retreat; Photo credit: Pu Luong Retreat

Reminiscing the Bygone Days in the Center

Discover Hue, the Slumbering Old Capital

The days of monarchy are long gone but the legacy remains vivid in Hue. Only an hour’s flight south from Hanoi, this “slumbering” town glows with something charming yet mysterious. Maybe it’s from the well-preserved Citadel, whose hallways and palaces linger in the past.

Step back in time at The Citadel
Step back in time at The Citadel. Photo by Kha Vo on Unsplash

Maybe it’s the slow pace of life, looking from your rickshaw trip around historic streets. What’s more, the food. Hue’s cuisine is something to remember. Strangely, you can almost taste the city’s charm in its bun bo Hue (beef noodles), or crispy Banh xeo (Vietnamese pancake).

Street food aside, you can learn a lot about Hue’s renowned “royal cuisine” from a cooking class. How about joining a cooking session at Hue Inn Side Out to meet people and savor what you have prepared? The venue is also a beautiful restaurant, nestled in a lush garden setting by Huong river.

Where to Stay in Hue:

Staying in the city allows you to indulge in that ancient town aura. For that, we recommend Pilgrimage Village Boutique Resort & Spa, a verdant 5-star resort located in the city center.


Wander Around Hoi An, the Century-Old Port Town 

Hoi An, a UNESCO World Heritage site, needs little introduction. Travel+Leisure magazine named it the best city in the world in 2019, and CNN this year had it on the most romantic places to visit list.
Getting on a bicycle is the best way to admire the town’s cultural mosaic. Also, cycling through green and gold rice fields in the surrounding area is uber relaxing. While meandering between the yellow-painted houses and narrow alleys, don’t forget to try Hoi An’s must-eats: herbal tea and cao lau noodles.

Hoi An City
Hoi An City; Photo credit: Toomas Tartes on Unsplash

In case you get a little fed up with all the sightseeing, there’s kayaking in Hoi An. Although it’s not the adventurous type of kayaking, you still get a nice mix of relaxation with a bit of action. The trip often starts with exploring the old town from Thu Bon river, paddling through coconut mangroves, and back to the starting point.

Where to stay in Hoi An

Accommodation in Hoi An radiates the alluring Indochina flair in design, making it a breeze to find a lovely holiday home. But we recommend staying close to the dreamy Thu Bon river for total relaxation.

Thu Bon river
Thu Bon river; Photo credit: littlehoiangroup.com

Where Metropolis meets Countryside in the South

Visit Ho Chi Minh City, the Nation’s Economic Hub

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), “the pearl of the Far East” in the past, is now Vietnam’s biggest economic hub. The city has everything you’d expect from a metropolis. There are close to 9 million people living, breathing, and coming together in a big melting pot of culture, architecture, and gastronomy. It may feel overwhelming at first, but the city’s hidden beauty unveils itself once you take your time to explore. Let’s start with visiting the century-old quarters in the city’s Chinatown – Cholon, District 5.

Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City; Photo by Simon Nham on Unsplash

The city becomes strangely alluring when night falls. The air is warm and slightly sticky, artificial light fills everywhere, and life doesn’t seem to slow down. So, how to best venture into the streets with style? Our answer – a Jeep!

If you have half a day to spare, take a trip to the Cu Chi tunnel. Only one hour west north of central Saigon, the astonishing landmark is part of a 250-kilometer hand-dug underground system. In the French and American wars, the local resistance force used it for both working and living purposes. However, it is advised that people with claustrophobia do not take part in the activity.

Củ Chi tunnels
Củ Chi tunnels; Photo credit: grayline.com

Where to Stay in Ho Chi Minh City:

Districts 1, 3, and 5 are top choices for most people and you can easily find a good place to stay in these areas. You can go back in time with a 30s-Esque place like Hotel Des Arts Saigon Mgallery Collection or opt for something modern like Fusion Suites Saigon.

Hotel Des Arts Saigon Mgallery Collection
Hotel Des Arts Saigon Mgallery Collection; Photo credit: hoteldesartssaigon.com

Chasing Cinematic Dreams in the Mekong Delta

If you’re a fan of cinema’s modern classics like The Lover or Indochine, you’ll love the Mekong Delta. Two hours’ drive south from bustling Saigon, you’ll come across places where the country way of living overrules city life. Floating markets, mangroves, footbridges, and livelihood on the river prevail.

Visiting the floating market is one of the region’s specialties so make sure to be up early in the morning for that. Also, cycling in verdant fruit orchards and savor their freshness should be on your list.

Where to stay:

The “Mekong Delta” is quite a generic term since it covers several cities and neighboring provinces. Start your journey in Can Tho city and check out Azerai Can Tho for a memorable time in its 5-star, traditional yet modern facility.

Azerai Can Tho
Azerai Can Tho; Photo credit: azerai.com

For another option, Can Tho Ecolodge offers 4-star amenity in a homely, rustic style.

Drift Away with Sea and Sand

Blessed with a long coast line, Vietnam offers some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. And what’s a better way to end your journey than sitting by pristine water and white sand? While Phu Quoc island may be first to come to mind, under-the-radar destinations are what experienced travelers yearn for.

Unwind in Con Dao

A little paradise for unwinding and watching extraordinary sunsets. In 2019, Vogue Paris named Con Dao among nine “dreamy islands” perfect for a winter escape. Once a prison during French rule, the archipelago now entices visitors with breathtaking views of azure water, white sand, and lush forest.

Con Dao
Con Dao; Photo credit vnexpress.net

Where to stay in Con Dao:

A secluded 4-star resort called Poulo Condor Resort & Spa is our choice of the day. Embracing 20th-century French architecture, the place sits amidst lush plants and offers an incredible private beach.

Poulo Condor Resort & Spa
Poulo Condor Resort & Spa; Photo credit www.poulocondorresort.com

15 Affordable Designer Underwear for Women

How do you feel when you dress in fine soft lingerie? I’m sure the answer is ‘great’. Although often disregarded, underwear plays a crucial role in our comfort and overall wellbeing. You know how that bad-quality bra ruined your day because you simply felt you couldn’t breathe properly? Well, this often happens with poorly designed lingerie. If you’re no longer willing to accept compromises, why not buy some cheap designer underwear for women? Here are some suggestions for you. 

Invisibles Comfort Lightly Lined Retro Bralette: Calvin Klein designed this smooth bra with wireless, lightly lined cups. If you want to feel even more at ease, you can remove the padding. This versatile article has a soft stretch band, it comes in different nuances including white, chestnut, black, bare, and jet gray, and it costs $40. 

Invisibles Comfort Lightly Lined Retro Bralette
Invisibles Comfort Lightly Lined Retro Bralette;

Dita Von Teese Evelina G-String: You can only feel sexy in this G-string signed by Dita Von Teese. This nice-looking article costs $45 and it features a sheer mesh-style front embroidery with white and black flowers, an elastic mid-rise band, and lined gusset. 

Dita Von Teese Evelina G-String
Dita Von Teese Evelina G-String

La Perla Bice Semisheer Bodysuit: This posh bodysuit from La Perla has a discount of more than 50%, which brings its price down to only $152.00. It is fully black and made of an impeccable semisheer mesh. The scoop neckline has cutout details and the back is square. It has fitted bodice and is made in Italy from nylon and spandex.  

La Perla Bice Semisheer Bodysuit
La Perla Bice Semisheer Bodysuit;

Moschino Teddy Bear Logo Triangle Bra: If you’re young at heart, this cute bra from Moschino with a sweet teddy bear logo is for you. This casual triangle bra aims to ensure a comfortable experience. The shoulder straps are adjustable and so is the hook and eye fastening. It is made of 95% cotton and the rest is spandex and elastane. It costs $79 at Farfetch

Moschino Teddy Bear Logo Triangle Bra
Moschino Teddy Bear Logo Triangle Bra;

Calvin Klein Invisibles Hipster: these extra-soft panties from Calvin Klein redefine comfort. When you wear them, you’ll believe it. This hipster underwear costs only $15.00 at Bloomingdales and it comes in different colors including black, white, caramel, bronze, and cinnamon. The silky fabric makes this article feel almost as if you’re wearing nothing. Also, they are barely visible and great to wear under tight skirts or trousers. This item is made of elastane and polyamide. 

Calvin Klein Invisibles Hipster
Calvin Klein Invisibles Hipster

Natori Women’s Calm Cotton Unlined Underwire Bra: This elegant Natori bra costs $62.00 at Macy’s. It boasts an appealing black/café lace design with underwire support that will make your cleavage look great. The cups are unlined and darted and offer lift due to their two-ply sling. The material choice combines nylon, cotton, and spandex. It has back closure and adjustable straps. 

Natori Women's Calm Cotton Unlined Underwire Bra
Natori Women’s Calm Cotton Unlined Underwire Bra

Ey Tres Souple Lace-Trim Bikini Briefs: This bikini from La Perla has a discount of more than 50% on Neiman Marcus, where it now costs $44. The item has cool and sexy lace inserts on the sides, scalloped edges and provides a moderate seat coverage. This bikini’s made of nylon and spandex and has a cotton-lined gusset. 

Ey Tres Souple Lace-Trim Bikini Briefs
Ey Tres Souple Lace-Trim Bikini Briefs

Dolce & Gabbana Underwear Logo Brand Bra: If you put comfort above everything else when purchasing lingerie, you’ll appreciate this simple and soft D&G bra. It is made of cotton and, except for the stretch fit elastic band that features the company’s name in white letters, the rest is black. It has a sleeveless design and a round neck. It works great all by itself during your workout on a hot summer day. You can get it for $141 from Farfetch. 

Dolce & Gabbana Underwear Logo Brand Bra
Dolce & Gabbana Underwear Logo Brand Bra

Stella Smooth & Lace Low-Rise Bikini: This bikini from Stella McCartney offers just what it promises, a smooth and comfortable feeling. This item has a low rise design, elastic waistband, a lined cotton gusset, and a sexy lace pattern at the back. It costs $40.00 and comes in black and nude options. 

Stella Smooth & Lace Low-Rise Bikini
Stella Smooth & Lace Low-Rise Bikini

Ruby Roaring Soft Cup Bra: And if you want to pair the bikini above with a similar bra in terms of nuance, design, and comfort, this product is a good choice. It features nice floral lace cups and a central bow, stretch lace band and adjustable straps. It has no wires and costs $85. 

Ruby Roaring Soft Cup Bra
Ruby Roaring Soft Cup Bra

Calvin Klein Form Cotton Bikini: There is one feature that undoubtedly characterizes all Calvin Klein underwear, namely comfort. This cotton bikini proves it. It’s made of a soft elastane and cotton blend, featuring an elasticized waistband and the brand’s logo at the hip. Get this article for only $15.00 from Bloomingdales, in 3 available colors. 

Calvin Klein Form Cotton Bikini
Calvin Klein Form Cotton Bikini

Simone Perele Saga Non-Padded Lace Demi Bra: This trendy red bra signed by Simone Perele is just what you need if you want to feel and look great in your summer dresses. It has smooth demi cups. The subtle underwire provides the support you might seek. The bra also contains solid microfiber wings and a front notch. It has a classic hook-eye closure and costs $58.00. 

Simone Perele Saga Non-Padded Lace Demi Bra
Simone Perele Saga Non-Padded Lace Demi Bra

Stella McCartney Grace Glowing Keyhole Bodysuit: This black and elegant bodysuit signed by Stella McCartney costs only $105.00 at Neiman Marcus. It is made of soft semisheer pelle ovo fabric. It has bonded borders that makes it look invisible under clothes, high cut leg opening, and a hook-eye closure at the keyhole back. Also, there’s an eye-catching logo elastic right under the bust. 

Stella McCartney Grace Glowing Keyhole Bodysuit
Stella McCartney Grace Glowing Keyhole Bodysuit

Versace Medusa Greek Key Thong: This elastic key thong from Versace will make you fall in love with its bold logo. The highlight of this product is its Medusa detail, together with the black and gold-tone combination. It has an elasticized waistband, cotton, spandex, and elastane composition and it costs $50 on Farfetch.

Versace Medusa Greek Key Thong
Versace Medusa Greek Key Thong

Versace Medusa Greek Key Bra: Nothing pairs better with the item above than this gorgeous Versace bra, which proudly boasts the brand’s Medusa logo right in the middle. It also has a clip fastening and spaghetti straps, and it’s made of 94% cotton, elastane, and spandex. It costs $125.

Versace Medusa Greek Key Bra
Versace Medusa Greek Key Bra

Women’s designer underwear is the ultimate purchase you should make if you want to spoil yourself in the way that you deserve. Check out plenty of other similar items from the same sources we provided in this post and stay tuned for more designer clothes recommendations. 

16 Affordable Designer Underwear for Men

What makes the difference between regular and designer underwear for men? Just like any other apparel that has the signature of a famous designer, underwear also boasts some obvious extras such as quality material, comfortable fit, and stylish design. Doesn’t that sound great? Then, read on and learn where you can get cheap designer underwear for men.

Is designer underwear really that different from regular?

Designer underwear isn’t great just because we know it comes from a reputable source. Most items in this range manufactured by a famous brand showcase some distinguishable features. Usually, when designing these products, big brands put great emphasis on comfort. And this is one of the main attributes to look for when buying underwear in the first place, isn’t it?
Moreover, it’s worth mentioning that most products of this kind are made of high-quality materials that don’t promote sweat, are hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. Finally, designer underwear, just like any other product manufactured by a famous fashion house, is, typically, made to last for the long term.

How much does it cost?

Designer underwear for men comes at different prices. How much you pay depends on the brand and the place you decide to purchase from. It’s not uncommon to have to pay more than $100 for these products if you buy direct from the brands’ stores. However, many come at lower prices, even half that much or less. 

Affordable designer underwear options for men

Versace Two Piece Set Logo Boxers: Versace aims for perfection in everything it does, even while designing this plain, yet beautiful underwear for men. This set of two pairs comes in all sizes and costs $125 on Farefetch. It is made of cotton, spandex, and elastane and it features a fitted silhouette and a band with the notable Medusa logo. 

Versace Two Piece Set Logo Boxers
Versace Two Piece Set Logo Boxers

Boss Logo Waist Boxer Briefs Set: These affordable items cost $44 together, which means little more than $20 per piece and, given their quality, the price is worth it. This boxer set features a logo waist and stitched panels and is made of quality cotton, blended with spandex. 

Boss Logo Waist Boxer Briefs Set
Boss Logo Waist Boxer Briefs Set

Emporio Armani Men’s Stretch Cotton Trunk: If you want to feel like a king underneath it all, then you should try these comfortable trunks from Emporio Armani. They fit great and they are made of cotton. Their soft microfiber adds flexibility. They have a stylish waistband with the brand’s logo. This article costs only $27.00 at Bloomingdales. 

Emporio Armani Men's Stretch Cotton Trunk
Emporio Armani Men’s Stretch Cotton Trunk

Tom Ford Cotton Leopard-Print Boxer Briefs: These outstanding briefs from Tom Ford might be a little pricier than the rest we list here, but they are worth every dollar of their $145 price. They come in dark brown and nude colors and, as you might assume, they feature a trendy leopard print. They’re made of cotton and spandex and they also have a waistband with the reputable brand’s jacquard logo and a classic fit. 

Tom Ford Cotton Leopard-Print Boxer Briefs:
Tom Ford Cotton Leopard-Print Boxer Briefs:

Calvin Klein Underwear Low-rise Boxer Set: When it comes to designer underwear for gentlemen, Calvin Klein needs no further introduction. This brand has been manufacturing outstanding underwear for years. This boxer set with low-rise and a fitted silhouette is just what you need to understand why everyone is crazy about Calvin Klein underwear. This product is made of cotton, elastane, and spandex, it has an elasticated waistband and costs $44. 

Calvin Klein Underwear Low-rise Boxer Set
Calvin Klein Underwear Low-rise Boxer Set

Calvin Klein Logo-waistband Boxer Pack: Another great choice from Calvin Klein is this pack that comes in 3 colors – blue, navy, and black, and it costs only $44 on Farfetch. This boxer set of 3 is made of soft cotton and elastane and boasts a logo waistband. 

Calvin Klein Logo-waistband Boxer Pack
Calvin Klein Logo-waistband Boxer Pack

Emporio Armani Pure Cotton Briefs – Pack of 3: Whenever it is not utterly bold, Armani opts for elegant simplicity, such as they did in designing these plain, yet stylish briefs. The set of 3 costs $37.00 at Bloomingdales and some of the features that define it are the contour pouch, elasticized waistband with the brand’s logo, and no fly design. They are 100% cotton. 

Emporio Armani Pure Cotton Briefs - Pack of 3
Emporio Armani Pure Cotton Briefs – Pack of 3

Polo Ralph Lauren 3 Pack Logo Print Trunks: Polo Ralph Lauren is loved by many men and their underwear doesn’t lag behind the rest of this designer’s products. This high-quality set of 3 trunks comes in black and features stitched panels and an elasticated band with the company’s name. It costs only $35. 

Polo Ralph Lauren 3 Pack Logo Print Trunks
Polo Ralph Lauren 3 Pack Logo Print Trunks

Versace Greco Boxer Briefs: When you say Versace, you say style and if you’re the modern trendy man who knows that style starts with comfort, then you’ll willingly pay $75 for these great boxer briefs. This article is plain white and made of cotton-jersey. It is punctuated with Versace’s Greek motif and has an elasticated waistband.

Versace Greco Boxer Briefs
Versace Greco Boxer Briefs

Calvin Klein Ultra-Soft Modal Trunks: They don’t call them ultra-soft for no reason. These Calvin Klein trunks are extremely comfortable thanks to their high elasticity. They are super soft and allow extra flexibility. They come in several colors including red, black, gray, white, and blue and they also boast a signature waistband. This product costs $30 at Bloomingdales. 

Calvin Klein Ultra-Soft Modal Trunks
Calvin Klein Ultra-Soft Modal Trunks

Boss Stretch Cotton Briefs: Boss is not new to designing great underwear for men and these simple but functional and very comfortable briefs prove it. The black item has a waistband featuring the company’s name in ostentatious white letters, a contoured pouch that offers great support. It is made of cotton and elastane blend and costs $42. 

Boss Stretch Cotton Briefs
Boss Stretch Cotton Briefs

Tom Ford Men’s Jacquard Logo Cotton Briefs: You can find these cool black briefs at Neiman Marcus where they cost $65.00. They have a classic fit and a flexible grosgrain waistband, and the white Tom Ford signature jacquard logo is something you can’t ignore. These briefs are made of a cotton and spandex blend. 

Tom Ford Men's Jacquard Logo Cotton Briefs
Tom Ford Men’s Jacquard Logo Cotton Briefs

Polo Ralph Lauren Low-rise Briefs: If boxers are not quite your thing, you’ll love these comfy briefs from Polo Ralph Lauren. They come in a set of 3 and cost only $44 on Farfetch. They feature the most common and classic color choice – black, white, and grey. They are made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane and they have a low-rise and elastic logo waistband.

Polo Ralph Lauren Low-rise Briefs

CDLP 3 pack Logo Waistband Boxer Briefs: If you’re not familiar with the brand CDLP, it’s time to get to know this Swedish men’s essentials company. Most of their products, including this set of 3 boxers are manufactured in a sustainable manner. This product costs $65 and it has some undeniable benefits, starting with its elegant overall black choice. These boxers are made of a combination of lyocell, elastane, and spandex and they have a stretch fit and an elasticated waistband. 

CDLP 3 pack Logo Waistband Boxer Briefs
CDLP 3 pack Logo Waistband Boxer Briefs

Polo Ralph Lauren Stretch Cotton Boxer Briefs – Pack of 3: We keep on coming back to this brand because we simply can’t stop admiring their comfortable and stylish choices. These cotton boxers come in a pack of 3 that costs only $42.50. What drew our attention the moment we saw them is their great color choice. The boxers come in 3 different nuances of blue and one of them has an allover print of the signature pony, the others featuring this logo embroidered on the left leg. They are made of moisture-wicking fabric and they have the typical waistband. 

Polo Ralph Lauren Stretch Cotton Boxer Briefs - Pack of 3
Polo Ralph Lauren Stretch Cotton Boxer Briefs – Pack of 3

Dolce & Gabbana Men’s DG Logo Regular Boxers: We’re concluding this list in style with a fine pair of boxers from Dolce & Gabbana that costs $90 at Neiman Marcus. These boxers are made in Italy using the finest cotton. They have an allover DG typographic print, an elastic waistband that features the brand’s name, and a regular rise. 

Dolce & Gabbana Men's DG Logo Regular Boxers
Dolce & Gabbana Men’s DG Logo Regular Boxers

Designer underwear normally costs more than no-name products in this niche. But if you decide to invest, you’ll surely not regret it. These cool items are extra comfortable, and they are made to last. 

10 Affordable Streetwear Brands To Go For

Streetwear has become one of the most eclectic styles out there. While fashion has blurred the lines in many styles, there’s no other quite like street style! 

Under the banner of a respectful street style one can find many elements from different cultures. While streetwear started as a counterculture, it’s no longer dedicated and restricted to skater girls and boys. It’s so much more than a hoodie, a jumper, some baggy jeans and a pair of sneakers! Let’s not forget it catches on regardless of age. And why wouldn’t it?

The underdog won the game!

It started in sunny CA. It’s been influenced by skate and surf culture. It’s become popular in NY hip-hop culture. It travelled to UK punk and it even reached Asian subcultures. It’s been enriched with every style. It became popular among fashionistas and designers in the nineties and it’s still growing strong. 

It’s all over the runways. It’s comfy and it does not compromise style. It’s exciting to mix and match. It’s young and hip. And it’s all over Instagram as a daily choice for bloggers and influencers. It’s not all hoodies and tees! It’s crossed over to sharp tailoring, dresses, trench coats and even tutus or high heels. Streetwear and high fashion are best buds and it’s probably why we’re in love with this style!

And the coolest most affordable streetwear brands are…

While it might have started as a youthful style, streetwear apparel has become popular for all ages. So popular, it could become a bit pricey. 

Don’t get us wrong, there’s no shortage of streetwear brands. However, they can become out of range without proper research. So, if you’re into uber cool, fab and all-for-comfort items, here are some of the greatest wallet-friendly streetwear brands you can try in 2020.

1. Nike

Nike Streetwear
Nike Streetwear; Photo credit: Nike

Nike surpassed its workout gear status a long time ago. A little bit sporty, a little bit on the urban side, Nike has gained quite the rep. Iconic sneakers, styled-up hoodies, leggings and accessories you can include in all types of outfits, we could say Nike is of the best in sportswear. But it’s so much more than that! Nike bended sportswear limitations. While the brand has estimated to hit $50 billion in sales by 2022 and gathered famous collaborations with Rei Kawakubo (CDG), Virgil Abloh (Louis Vuitton), Ricardo Tisci (Burberry) and Kim Jones (Dior), its prices start from 50-60 dollars. 

Other sportswear giants, such as Adidas, Converse, New Balance, Fila and Reebok, gained quite the buzz overriding sport lines and reaching a more casual, even elegant market. One cannot forget the Adidas collaboration with Stella McCartney!

2. Supreme

Supreme Streetwear
Supreme Streetwear; Photo by Claudio Lavenia/Getty

How about playing catch wearing a tee and leather gloves with LV pattern imprinted all over? How about wearing the same outfit with some leather pants or jeans and sneakers and going around the city? You could go either way with Supreme! While it started in the Big Apple as a skateboard clothing label, Supreme became one of the coolest affordable streetwear brands out there.

With signature collaborations such as Louis Vuitton and Rolex, Supreme is a great choice! Maybe a Bomber Jacket could reach up to 500 dollars but you can get a cool tee at 100 bucks easy.

3. Stüssy

Stussy Streetwear
Stüssy Streetwear

They started in the eighties as a small graphic T-shirt brand. Born in California, the brand dominates the streetwear scene. You can find tees, bottoms, jackets, hoodies, hats, shorts and socks in many designs. You can grab a tee or a hoodie with a price range from $30 to $80 and buy some jeans or pants at $150 max. Quite the deal, right?

4. Comme Des Garçons Play

Comme Des Garçons Play Streetwear
Comme Des Garçons Play Streetwear; Photo credit: Pinterest

If you’re looking for a quirky vibe, Comme Des Garçons Play is the one for you. You’ll find all the cool wardrobe staples you’re looking for at a great price for a designer collection. Tees sporting CDG heart-shaped iconic logos, classic hoodies, Breton tops and much more even under $100!

5. Patta

Patta Streetwear
Patta Streetwear; Photo credit: Pinterest

Patta was born in Amsterdam’s hip-hop scene and it does have that European-Urban vibe to it. The love for the underground and hip-hop music scene transcends their collections of sneakers and streetwear.

Patta is one of the most colorful affordable streetwear brands you’ll find out there. And let’s not forget their loose cuts that’ll make you spend your days in comfy and stylish outfits! Not too shabby for a brand that has tees starting at €35 and bottoms starting at €100! 

6. Undercover

Undercover Streetwear
Undercover Streetwear

Outlandish lines and designs for the basic T-shirt, quirky and eye-catching graphics – these are the staples of Undercover. The brand was born in the nineties in Tokyo and has grown in popularity all over the world. Once part of the Ura-Harajuku scene in Tokyo, Undercover was one of the first labels to crossover from streetwear to fashionable lines.

With a bold, strong influence from Brit Punk culture, Jun Takahashi’s Undercover can be on the pricey side. The affordable luxury and effortlessly-chic T-shirt collections start from €250.

7. Kith

Kith Streetwear
Kith Streetwear; Photo credit: https://stockx.com

Once a footwear brand, Kith is a New York based brand. It’s mostly known for its sneaker collections but the apparel lines are also quite popular. Especially due to its collaborations with brands such as Coca-Cola, New Balance, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike and even Disney, Kith has become a symbol in the streetwear aficionados. Kith apparel is ideal for the streetwear scene nowadays, sporting logo-heavy patterns and urban, loose, oversized cuts.

8. The Hundreds

The Hundreds Streetwear .
The Hundreds Streetwear; Photo credit: https://hypebeast.com

Born in sunny and posh Cali, The Hundreds is dedicated to street culture fashionistas. With skateboarding, surfing, hip-hop and punk culture vibes, this brand has amazing prices, starting from $30. 

9. Palace

Palace Streetwear
Palace Streetwear; Photo credit: https://hypebeast.com

If you’re trying to be the cool kid on the streets, Palace might be for you. While it’s a young brand (it started in 2010), Palace has become quite popular, especially due to its collaborations with Adidas and Reebok. Tracksuits, crop jackets, tees, Cargo pants, baseball caps: find them all in Palace collections.


HLZ BLZ Streetwear
HLZ BLZ Streetwear; Photo credit: Pinterest

This brand is LA based and it’s the first and biggest streetwear brand made for the ladies. Its bold, daring lines have quite the girl power and the prices are amazing, well under $130!

Extra, extra, read all about it!

If you want to add some bucks to your dollar and indulge in a binge-shopping spree, who are we to stop you? We might even have some tips & tricks for that as well. 

1. Off-White for a little bit of posh & pricey

Off-White Streetwear
Off-White Streetwear; Photo credit: Pinterest

Looking to add a touch of label and still remain coolest of the cool? Off-White is one of the luxury-affordable streetwear brands you might not want to miss out on! Off-White was founded by the artistic director of Louis Vuitton, Virgil Abloh, and it’s become a trendsetting presence on the runways. Bold, iconic prints, new and daring cuts and great collaborations with the likes of Fendi and Kanye West and Off-White has become the word on the street!

2. Asos and Urban Outfitters for a little binge & buy

If you’re looking for a big buy, Asos and Urban Outfitters are just the perfect places for you. With a wide range of streetwear brands, they also offer discounts and new releases. You can even find plenty of the brands we mentioned above, all in one place.