Top 25 Bridal Gowns In Pakistan

Perhaps a flower upon her hair, glittering jewelry cast upon the fairness of her beauty and grace, pretty birds amplifying the atmosphere with their sweet serenades and, of course, that perfect gown to mark the special day.

Pakistan, lounging in the Indian Subcontinent, is flourishing culturally. Despite the powerful charm of Western influences, which are greater than ever before, the authenticity of its culture remains.

It has evolved to become even more refined and Pakistani weddings are no exception. I mean, could the dancing, the splash of colorful hues, and the exquisite venues, all mixed into a wonderful Mehndi night get any better?

Exploring Pakistani Bridal Dresses: 25 Elegant and Affordable Bridal Dresses

When it comes to bridal dresses in Pakistan, there is much artistic intervention. Whether it’s the dallying, floral embroilments on a Shalwar Kameez dress or the horizontal seams that connect the waist to the skirt in an Anarkali gown, the framework is entirely dependent on different components complementing each other, enhancing the beauty of the Pakistani bride.  

As in the West, you can expect the elegant drapes of fabrics such as tulle, satin, and chiffon to rock both traditional and modern bridal gowns, which compares to the textured silky gowns with a Cinderella allure that are the traditional fashion.

There’s also a contrast when it comes to color as you’ll not find a white Pakistani wedding dress anywhere. While white is synonymous with wedding gowns in other cultures, red has been the default color for Pakistani brides throughout recent history as it symbolizes passion and love intertwined with tension, comprising a healthy matrimony.

It’s also worth noting that the Pakistani wedding is a week-long festivity of events, such as the Dholki and Rasam, where the bride has to occasionally dress in something different. For instance, most brides slip into an Anarkali lehenga dress for the Baraat ceremony, the day when the bride is taken away by the groom. While for the Valima, the wedding reception, which marks the end of the wedding, a Sharara is the most common gown, marked with less formal flirty palettes of pastel.

Whether you’re looking forward to or getting prepped for your big day, pause for a moment to consider these elegant but economical Pakistani Bridal gowns. Most have already made show-stopping evenings, while others have expressed a subtle form of wordless poetry when it comes to describing the feminine outlines of the brides.

That said, we are convinced you will find a few that will suit your taste.

Popular Pakistani Bridal Dresses

Every bride wants an elegant but authentic look. Whether it’s a Basque waistline that reveals her slender curve or a Romeo and Juliet type of sleeve that shows a little bit of flesh, gown designs in Pakistan provide a lot to choose from.

However, whether it’s a Lehenga, a bridal maxi, or an Anarkali, there are a few bridal dresses that appear the most for various reasons and in different seasons.

1. Long Straight Aura Lehenga

Long Straight Aura Lehenga
Photo credit: @umshabyuzmababar

It’s hard to take your eyes off the intricacies of the Dabka handwork. It’s stunning, isn’t it? The cotton net Farshi Lehenga is beautifully embroidered with floral details which complement the embellished borders on maysori fabric.

This is one of the common and elegant Lehengas that Pakistani brides opt for due to the traditional appearance that blends with a timeless elegance. 

2. Orga with Golden Shades

Orga with Golden Shades
Photo credit: @pakbridals

It might not have a complementary shirt like other designs but perhaps that’s one of the reasons it stands out.

This sleek bridal dress is not only embellished with tilla and French net dupatta, but also Nakshi, sequins, and lots of handcraft.

3. Red Heavy Embroidered Lehenga

Red Heavy Embroidered Lehenga
Photo credit: @Pakbridals

Closely resembling the Orga above, this long-sleeved and long-trailed Pakistani bridal dress has a red maysori bodice. The inner parts have to be silk, and for the thick zardozi borders along the trail, quite a considerable amount of handcraft comes into play.

Nonetheless, with its edges kissing the flour, you might want to ensure you don’t trip over!

4.  Off-white Heavy Embroidered Bridal Lehenga

Off-white Heavy Embroidered Bridal Lehenga
Photo credit: @Pakbridals

The handcrafted embroidery on this dress leaves a trail of crafty floral patterns and elegant sequins. The fabric is Banarasi silk and a dash of tulle dupatta.

For the first-time bride, you’re going to look drop-dead gorgeous.

5. Beige Embroidered Lehenga/ Anarkali

Beige Embroidered Lehenga/ Anarkali
Photo credit: @Pakbridals

The sleeves add a concentration to the bodice and the edges at the wrists is sultry, yet elegant and sophisticated. As for the bare neckline on this Lehenga, it just enhances the overall look and highlights a unique definition.

Traditional Pakistani Traditional Gowns

Times change and rising Pakistani designers have changed the game. Yet, this traditional 2011 bridal Angrakah remains much the same.

Much of the details have been refined. The design that has been crafted for eons, probably since the reign of the decadent Mughals (where Angrakah hails from) has changed little.

The following traditional Pakistani gowns guarantee a look fit for a queen. With some extra detail, they could easily be worn for Mendi events, but also the Nikkah, Valima, and Shehndi.

7. Gold Embedded Reddish Maroon Heavy Bridal Lehenga

The top of this dress is silk with a lot of hand-crafted dabka embroidery. It might not be the best outfit for a summer wedding, but the crimson red dupatta on the cotton net Lehenga provides a touch of flawlessness and comfort.

8. Gold Embellished Whitish Bridal Lehenga

Gold Embellished Whitish Bridal Lehenga
Photo credit: @Pakbridals

It is easy for the untrained eye to confuse this Lehenga and a Sharara. When it comes to a Sharara, it’s long and flowy, just like Lehengas though their bottoms tend to be flared and loose.

This Lehenga may restrict the bride’s movements, but you have to agree she would be the star of the show.

9. Light Purple Elegantly Embellished Lehenga

Light Purple Elegantly Embellished Lehenga
Photo credit: @Pakbridals

You might think that purple isn’t fit for a wedding, but this purple-hued Mysore bodice begs to differ. Framed with artistic borders and a see-through lingerie allure, any girl would make a flawless appearance at a Mehndi or a Valima.

10. Rose Gold Embroidered Bridal Lehenga

Rose Gold Embroidered Bridal Lehenga
Image from Instagram: @Pakbridals

This heavily embroidered Lehenga gives an intense appeal. The white Lehenga embroidered with a hand-crafted tassel, pure gold sequins, and a rose gold Dupatta blends delicate colors exquisitely.

Whether you’re petite or plus size, this look would rock on your big day.

10. Embellished Shirt Angarkha Style

Embellished Shirt Angarkha Style
Image from Instagram: @Pakbridals

The mold and stitch of this frock make this Angarkha a comfortable fit and suitable for a strict traditional Pakistani wedding. The drapes of the yellow hues of the dupatta are stunning too, making this a great outfit for any season.

Modern Pakistani Bridal Gowns

With a lot of celebrity inspiration, especially from the scenes of Bollywood, a lot of Indian and Pakistani designers have produced glamorous, iconic bridal designs.

Saaj Ali bride
Photo credit:

Step out and shine like Saaj Ali in this simple but classy Faiza Saqlain dress. You will be the dazzling center of your big event. Complemented with jewelry and some light makeup, it has quite the exotic effect.

11. Light Grey Heavily Embroiled Lehenga

ight Grey Heavily Embroiled Lehenga
Photo credit: @yashmalikphotography1

With its rose gold dupatta immaculately mixing with the light grey Lehenga, the components of this outfit make a great match. Whether you’re attending the Nikkah or the Valima, you would sure set an impeccable tone for the event.

12. Black and Gold Embroidered Anarkali

Black and Gold Embroidered Anarkali
Photo credit: @pakbridals

This marks a great conventional design. If you’re a badass Pakistani girl refusing to play by the rules, this black Anarkali dress with off-white bottom edges and golden embroidery works perfectly with Pakistani skin tones.

13. Off-white 3 Piece Kalidaar Angrakha Richly Embroidered

off-white kalidaar Angrakha
Photo credit: faizasaqlain

This design by Faiza Saqlain is similar to a maxi dress but seamlessly flows with a simple, slightly pleated design. It’s nothing short of dramatic, like other modern designs, leaving a lasting impression.

14. Light Purple Slightly Embroidered Lehenga

Light Purple Slightly Embroidered Lehenga
Photo credit: @faizasaqlain

Visibly, the clear French net with light hand-work at the borders sways all charm when matched with the silky plain Lehenga. Like the elegant Kameez Shalwar, it’s that effortless sassy look that doesn’t have to try hard to kill it. 

15. Mustard Yellow Pishwas Matched with a Silk Chunri Dupatta

Mustard Yellow Pishwas Matched with a Silk Chunri Dupatta
Photo credit: @faizasaqlain

Most appropriate for a Mayoon, the yellow, well adorned, and wide-bottomed frock would do for any bride. It’s essentially an Anarkali, though you can play around with the creative look depending on what suits you.

Pakistani Shalwar Pant Style Suit

For a second time bride wishing to make another beautiful start, a Shalwar from a designer who understands that taste is not just unique but also impressive and mature.

With their versatility and a spark of you own creativity, you will leave your guests stunned. Shalwar types include Harem, Afghani, and Patiala.

16. Embroidered Coral Pink Pakistani Suit in Blue

Embroidered Coral Pink Pakistani Suit in Blue
Photo credit: @Mariabofficial

Perhaps not a faux, the richly embroidered blue net dupatta presents a stunning look with its golden fringes. As for the coral pink trousers, it’s also patched with golden speckles creating an elegant, signature combination.

17. Embroidered Shades of White Suit in Mustard

Embroidered Shades of White Suit in Mustard
Photo credit: @eeshausa

Close to a sweetheart’s neck and with quarter sleeves, this one rocks with a chiffon dupatta in mustard with slightly wide pants. The dark borders have a classic appeal when matched with the yellow dupatta and white bottom length.

This could be a great selection for a more sophisticated and pragmatic bride.

18. Embroidered Pakistani Suit in Gold Rose

Embroidered Pakistani Suit in Gold Rose
Photo credit: @Kudabakshcreationcreationsofficial

Unlike the shades of white in mustard above, this three-piece wedding dress could be the perfect fit for a Nikkah. It does not have a sweetheart neckline, offering coverage while sitting high.

19. Lightly Embroiled Lawn Suit in Off-White

Lightly Embroiled Lawn Suit in Off-White
Photo credit:@Shalwarnkameez

This might have a dyed slub shirt with an embroidered V neckline and sleeves, but it’s equally elegant and classic. It would suit an older bride, especially if she slipped into it for her Mehndi, painting her hands around a more mature circle. A youthful look rocking a heavily embellished and sophisticated yellow Lehenga dress.

20. Embroidered Georgette Suit in Dark Green

Embroidered Georgette Suit in Dark Green
Photo credit: @Raazboutiquesl17

As for the last look on this list of classics, the top is a jacquard dupatta with an inner Santoon lining beautified with patched borders, Zari and Resham. With its round neck showing off some flesh, throwing in a Guluband could leave you looking flawless.

Top Pakistani Bridal Designers

Whether it’s to deconstruct a traditional outfit to give it a modern touch or vice versa, Pakistani designers never cease to add novel designs to their sleeves. The talents of Deepak Perwani to Sania Maskatiya are not only celebrated in Pakistani, but also around the world.

Here is an assorted list of the best bridal designers in Pakistani, from the stunning and expensive to the elegant and affordable.

21. Faiza Saqlain

Faiza Saqlain wedding dress
Photo credit: @faizasaqlain

With celebrities such as Priyanka Chopra and other prominent stars dressing in this eponymous brand, it’s clear that its presence in the fashion industry is rapidly on the rise.

The label was launched 10 years back by Faiza Saqlain, who is the brand’s founder and creative director. Some of her inspirited bridal designs have been featured in this article.

22. Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari wedding dress
Photo credit: @nomiansari

With four major brands including the Nomi Ansari Brides, this label is one of the most established in Pakistan. It is also well-established in Canada, the USA, Dubai, and Europe.

Check out his Instagram collection here.

23. Deepak Perwani

Deepak Perwani wedding dress
Photo credit: @Deepak

Aside from being a Guinness world record breaker for the longest Kurta, Deepak is also a fashion designer and actor.

His house of Deepak Perwani offers stylish, elegant, and high-end contemporary designs for both men’s wear and bridal gowns.

24. Nida Azwer

Nida Azwer wedding dress
Photo credit: @nidaazweratelier

One month after graduating from the school of art and architecture, Nida launched her Nida Azwer brand. It mostly expresses craft designs of the fine artisans of Pakistani culture.

Her label is more traditional-oriented as it still supports the craftsmen in Pakistan.

25. Misha Lakhana

Misha Lakhana wedding dress
Photo credit:

Not only is Misha a fashion designer, but she is also a journalism graduate from Columbia University. Like Nida, she is in love with the traditional textiles and craftsmanship which has a touch of others’ cultures.

She uses her label to express her art in fashion, represented in places such as London, New York, and Madrid.

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