Where to Find Affordable True Religion Jeans

Who doesn’t love a good pair of jeans?  For the past few decades, jeans have been the world’s most loved type of trousers. This apparel is so versatile. You can wear it on any occasion, and it makes you feel cool and comfortable. All big fashion brands produce jeans, but some iconic companies have made a fortune by specializing only in this type of clothing.

True Religion Jeans are one of them and, in a while, we will tell you more about this distinguished brand and help you find some of their most affordable products. 

What’s This Brand Like?

True Religion Jeans is an American brand born in 2002 in sunny California. The company emerged in the early 2000s directly onto the competitive LA scene where it soon grabbed attention due to its innovative designs. Since its beginning, True Religion Jeans has aimed at novelty.

True Religion Jeans Store
True Religion Jeans Store; Retail Design Blog

They didn’t want to be just another jeans company reproducing the same models as their competitors. So they started sewing jeans that didn’t follow the traditional techniques and used a five-needle thread that was sewn at two-stitch-per-inch. This method is called the T-stitch and it immediately distinguished them from the others as no else deployed the same type of stitching process.

From that point, fame was just lingering around the corner and it soon embraced them as several fashion icons and style leaders began wearing their jeans, showcasing them in public. The business grew quickly and True Religion Jeans started selling their denim creation in 50 countries across the globe. 

True Religion Logo
True Religion Logo

Up to the present day, True Religion Jeans are one of the most popular jeans brands in the States. They are a symbol of premium denim, style, and quality. 

Where Can You Find Cheap True Religion Jeans?

If you want to get a broad view of what this company manufactures and how much its products cost, you can visit the True Religion Jeans website where you will see their latest creations. The price you pay ordering a pair of jeans direct from source can vary from $100 to $200 or even more.

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Many models go beyond the $200 threshold. There are also discounts, but even with these, you would still typically have to pay around $100 for a nice model. Because you might not be willing to pay that much for a pair of jeans, we are going to list some of the stores that sell these praised products at lower prices. 

Some of the trustworthy online shops we analyzed and compared to find the best True Religion Jeans offers include Lovethesales, Therealreal, Macys, Tradesy, Shoppingscanner, Poshmark, Shopstyle, eBay, Saksfifthavenue, Neimanmarcus, bbclothing, Stylight, Etsy, Zalando.

Some Affordable True Religion Jeans 

Women’s Stella Skinny Leg Fit Jeans: Stylight features this pair of jeans for $57. This trendy pair comes in light blue and comes with back flap pockets. It is made of 92% cotton, 6% polyester, and 2% elastane. Ladies will feel and look great in these. 

Women's Stella Skinny Leg Fit Jeans
Women’s Stella Skinny Leg Fit Jeans; Photo credit: Stylight

Geno Relaxed Slim-Fit Jeans: Saks Fifth Avenue has these nice men’s jeans at $159. If you like casual clothes, these jeans are for you. They have a great blue night nuance, comfortably relaxed slim fit, button closure, zip fly, and belt loops. 

Geno Relaxed Slim-Fit Jeans
Geno Relaxed Slim-Fit Jeans; Photo credit: Saks Fifth Avenue

True Religion Slim Distressed Jeans: These fine jeans cost only $50 on Poshmark. They are dark, with lighter gray patterns. These fashionable distressed jeans would be a great addition to your casual wardrobe. 

True Religion Slim Distressed Jeans
True Religion Slim Distressed Jeans; Photo credit: Poshmark

Men’s Geno Blue Night Jeans: Get this pair from Neiman Marcus at a discount price of $127. They have a nice indigo nuance, comfortable straight-leg fit, belt loops, and the signature horseshoe stitching on the back. 

Men's Geno Blue Night Jeans
Men’s Geno Blue Night Jeans; Photo credit: Neiman Marcus

Ricky Straight-Fit Jeans: If you want a classic pair of jeans you can wear at any business meeting or event, this men’s model from Saks Fifth Avenue is for you. These jeans cost $159. They are dark, made of cotton and elastane, and have coin buttoned flap pockets. 

Ricky Straight-Fit Jeans
Ricky Straight-Fit Jeans; Photo credit: Saks Fifth Avenue

True Religion Men’s Geno Slim Leg Fit Jean: This is another good deal we found on Stylight at a price of only $71. These men’s jeans are ultra-comfortable and quite stylish. They have a cool leg opening and 5 pockets, the back ones having zip fly button closure. 

True Religion Men's Geno Slim Leg Fit Jean
True Religion Men’s Geno Slim Leg Fit Jean; Photo credit: Stylight

New Halle – Jeans Skinny Fit: Ladies will love these True Religion skinny jeans on 40% discount from Zalando ($109). These jeans are made of cotton (94%) and elastane. They easily blend with any outfit, casual or elegant, and they are a great light blue. 

New Halle - Jeans Skinny Fit
New Halle – Jeans Skinny Fit; Photo credit: Zalando

New Liv Comfort – Slim Fit Jeans: This casual apparel can be found on Zalando at 50% discount, which brings it to a price of $98. These comfy jeans contain 86% cotton, 12% polyester, and 2% elastane. They pair well with shirts and blazers or leather jackets. 

New Liv Comfort - Slim Fit Jeans
New Liv Comfort – Slim Fit Jeans; Photo credit: Zalando

Ricky Regular Fit Blue Wash Jeans: If you’re into stylish casual jeans, this True Religion model is for you. They come at a great discount of 65% on Bbclothing, costing $81. They feature two shades of blue, a choice of button or zip fly fastening, and distressed detailing. 

Ricky Regular Fit Blue Wash Jeans
Ricky Regular Fit Blue Wash Jeans; Photo credit: Bbclothing

True Religion Women’s Boot Cut Jeans: Another gem found on Stylight is this women’s pair of boot cut jeans. These chic jeans are great on any casual occasion as they work well either with heels or with sports shoes and any type of top. They cost $71. 

True Religion Women's Boot Cut Jeans
True Religion Women’s Boot Cut Jeans; Photo credit: Stylight

True Religion Stitching-detail Slim-fit Jeans – Black: These slim-fit jeans for men are quite stylish. They feature a big and shiny front button and a waistband with belt loops. The traditional True Religion stitching-details are not missing. This pair costs $110 on Shoppingscanner

True Religion Stitching-detail Slim-fit Jeans - Black
True Religion Stitching-detail Slim-fit Jeans – Black; Photo credit: Shoppingscanner

Geno Relaxed Slim Fit Blue: You can get these men’s jeans on Bbclothing with a discount of 60%, which brings them to $93. They have a comfy cotton stretch blend construction, the typical True Religion embroidery on the back pockets, contrasting stitching, and come in a great color. 

Geno Relaxed Slim Fit Blue
Geno Relaxed Slim Fit Blue; Photo credit: Bbclothing

Ricky Mid Blue Regular Fit Jeans: These highly comfortable and casual men’s jeans have a relaxed straight fit, branded pockets and rivets, and the True Religion branded jacron at the waistline. They are a great choice for leisure activities and come at $77 on Bbclothing

Ricky Mid Blue Regular Fit Jeans
Ricky Mid Blue Regular Fit Jeans; Photo credit: Bbclothing

Logan Tapered Fit Light Blue Jeans: If you want to feel as comfortable in your jeans as you would in sweatpants, these affordable men’s jeans are for you. They were designed with a relaxed tapered fit, branded jacron at the waistline, and contrasting stitching. They cost only $67. 

Logan Tapered Fit Light Blue Jeans
Logan Tapered Fit Light Blue Jeans; Photo credit: Bbclothing

Denim Distressed Joey Flare Leg Jeans: These nice casual jeans cost only $46 on Tradesy. They feature the typical True Religion embroidery on the back pockets and have a stylish low waist design. They are a perfect match for a casual look with T-shirt and leather jacket. 

Denim Distressed Joey Flare Leg Jeans
Denim Distressed Joey Flare Leg Jeans; Photo credit: Tradesy

Super Big T Women’s Skinny Jeans: There’s nothing not to like about these gorgeous skinny jeans. The navy-blue is great, and you can pair them with anything from high heels and elegant shirts to T-shirts and sneakers. They cost only $54 on Tradesy. 

Super Big T Women’s Skinny Jeans
Super Big T Women’s Skinny Jeans; Photo credit: Tradesy

True Religion Dark Denim Bootcut Jeans: This valuable denim model can be found on Etsy for $4$. They are nicely decorated with lighter shade patterns and they have a very comfortable design. The typical True Religion decorative stitching is also present.

True Religion Dark Denim Bootcut Jeans:
True Religion Dark Denim Bootcut Jeans; Photo credit: Etsy

True Religion – Skinny-Jeans in Indigo: These precious jeans can be found with a 40% discount on Asos where they cost $121. They are quite fancy and work well with any type of jacket and shoes, especially high heels. 

True Religion – Skinny-Jeans in Indigo
True Religion – Skinny-Jeans in Indigo; Photo credit: Asos

Halle Button-Fly Skinny Jeans: If you want to make your curves stand out, these women’s jeans from Macy are for you. They cost $85 and they come in black. They are ultra-skinny, high rise, and have 4 nicely shaped silver buttons at the front. 

Halle Button-Fly Skinny Jeans
Halle Button-Fly Skinny Jeans; Photo credit: Macy

True Religion jeans are a must-have if you love this type of apparel. They offer quality and style that are bound to stand the test of time. Although these jeans are typically pricier than other brands, you can also find cheap True Religion jeans if you know where to look for.  

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