Where to Find Cheap Versace T-Shirts

Versace has long been known as one of the most reputable luxury fashion companies in the world. The Italian brand is synonymous with style and glamor. Celebrities proudly showcase their Versace attire at famous events, such as the Oscar or Cannes gala, and top business executives and other VIPs are often spotted wearing clothes sporting this brand’s logo. Versace’s a legend and the thought of purchasing something from this brand might seem unattainable, but don’t fret. Read on and learn where you can get cheap Versace T-shirts. 

How Did Versace Evolve?

This Italian company was founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace. The same year also marked the opening of their first boutique in Milan, on the famous Via della Spiga where many other fashion designers exhibit their creations. Versace initially started as a clothes company but in the 1980s, they broadened out and started producing jewelry, accessories, as well as home furnishings and china.

Inside of a Versace store
Inside of a Versace store; Photo credit: Versace

Versace’s bold creations that often features flashy prints and a wide spectrum of bright colors accounts for this brand’s international fame. Versace has dressed stars such as Michael Jackson, Elton John, Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Hurley, as well as members of European royalty.

The company has more than 200 boutiques worldwide and more than 1,500 wholesalers. Versace’s style is widely appreciated for its outstanding nature. You can’t dress this brand and keep a low profile, especially if you choose a T-shirt that’s marked with its well-known logo – the Medusa.

Versace Logo
Versace Logo; Photo credit: Versace

So, let’s see how you could get your hands on one of these without paying the earth for it. 

Where to Buy Cheap Versace T-shirts 

There are numerous shops online where you can get affordable Versace T-shirts. We chose this type of apparel precisely because it is one of the less expensive products you could buy from this manufacturer. Nonetheless, it is also one of the most versatile. Therefore, you can take great pride in walking around in your Versace T-shirt at a party, event, or business dinner and pair it with anything from leather jacket to sweater, from jeans to shorts, and from sneakers to sandals.

Versace bag
Versace bag

If you can’t afford a complete Versace outfit, getting a T-shirt is a great idea that will allow you to get a glimpse of what this fabulous brand is about. 

Now, you probably want to know how much a new Versace T-shirt costs. To get a clear idea of what we’re talking about, consider that the average original T-shirt costs somewhere around $350, with high-end models going beyond $1000. This might sound crazy, but there are people who can afford to spend that much on a T-shirt. 

Nonetheless, we are not going to focus on those pricy products, but on cheaper ones that don’t exceed the $300 threshold and on discount T-shirts. Yes, big brand clothes are also subject to sales, and more importantly, to benefit from those sales, you have to know where to look. 

If you rush directly to Versace’s website, you might want to close the session after viewing two or three products as you could easily invest that money in a vacation or new furniture. On the other hand, if you navigate to one of the following websites, you will realize that you too can get a Versace T-shirt without making a big financial commitment. Here are some of the affordable shops that will sell you cheap Versace products:

Neimanmarcus: A US-based online store offering a wide variety of designer clothes and accessories signed by the biggest names in the luxury fashion industry.  

Nordstrom: Nordstrom is a popular US fashion store network found in five states. There are five Nordstrom stores just in California and they all provide a wide variety of top brands. 

Versace Outfit; Photo credit: Nordstrom

Shopbop: One of the best retail destinations for casual and modern style-seekers, Shopbop brings together the latest fashion talents and designer labels.

Bloomingdales: This famous company has stores across the US and offers a comprehensive array of designer clothes and accessories for all tastes, putting emerging designers side by side with luxury fashion icons. 

Versace Men`s Shirt; Photo credit: Bloomingdales

Premiumoutlets: On this website, you can find the nearest outlet stores based on your location.

Outletbound: This is another guide that can help you access the best outlet shopping choices in the US. You can find Versace and other international brands using this platform. 

Etsy: This is a global marketplace that brings together unique products including, but not limited to, clothes. Etsy showcases an impressive array of products you can filter by price. 

Shirt vintge elegant for women
 Shirt vintge elegant for women; Photo credit: BarlafusShop

Lyst: Browse through more than 5 million products belonging to 12,000 top brands including Versace. You can find any type of clothes and accessories and good deals.

Farfetch: This global platform for fashion luxury was founded in 2007 and currently connects customers from more than 190 countries with more than 1,200 international brands. 

Versace Shirt
Versace Shirt; Photo credit: Farfetch

Flannels: One of UK’s top luxury retailers, Flannnels has been around since 1976 and currently has 37 stores across the UK. They ship globally and offer an impressive array of apparel. 

SSENSE: On this page, you can find more than 500 luxury labels, including renowned names such as Versace, but also emerging talents and great discounts of up to 70%. 

Cettire: This website is dedicated exclusively to luxury fashion and it brings together more than 180 world-renowned designers. But worry not, they also offer some of the biggest discounts. 

Versace Striped Panel Two-Tone T-Shirt
Versace Striped Panel Two-Tone T-Shirt; Photo credit: Cettire

Luisa Via Roma: This is a top luxury fashion store where you can find the biggest names in the clothing industry, but also emerging designers and good deals on various high-end items. 

Stylight: This company proudly calls itself the “world’s leading online search platform for fashion, beauty, and design”. Indeed, you can find all these here at various prices. 

Plaid Baroque Logo T-Shirt
Plaid Baroque Logo T-Shirt; Photo credit: Stylight

Shoppingscanner: This Italian business brings together some of the most acclaimed national and international brands, allowing you to browse through an impressive array of clothes and accessories for any occasion and taste. 

Versace Jeans Bag
Versace Jeans Bag; Photo credit: Shoppingscanner:

Zalando: Here you can find a mixture of high-end designers and independent labels that sell a wide variety of clothes, shoes, and accessories. Zalando boasts one of the largest selections of European clothes and Versace is a recurrent name in their gallery.    

A Few Affordable Versace T-Shirts 

Mesh Inset Logo Tee: This utterly sexy women’s T-shirt costs only $82 on Shopbop. It has the brand logo on the left side and a nicely shaped V mesh front panel that’s impossible not to notice. Except for the mesh panel, the rest of the T-shirt is made of high-quality cotton.  

Mesh Inset Logo Tee
Mesh Inset Logo Tee; Photo credit: Shopbop

Intimo Uomo Lace T-Shirt: Nordstrom features this unique menswear model that costs $275. It is very comfortable and flexible, and it has outstanding lace adds that will grab everyone’s attention should you wear this at a cocktail party or a club. 

Intimo Uomo Lace T-Shirt
Intimo Uomo Lace T-Shirt; Photo credit: Nordstrom

Tropical Postcard Tee: This gorgeous men’s T-shirt is ideal for the summer. It features a tropical print that makes you think of holidays. It also contains the Versace logo in black and white and it is very comfortable due to its 100% cotton fabric. It costs $134 at Bloomingdales

Tropical Postcard Tee
Tropical Postcard Tee; Photo credit: Bloomingdales.

Kid’s Logo Block Short-Sleeve Tee: This cool kid’s Versace T-shirt can be found on Neimanmarcus for $147. It has a crew neckline, Versace’s logo block graphic, and is made of cotton. Great for hot summer days!

Kid's Logo Block Short-Sleeve Tee
Kid’s Logo Block Short-Sleeve Tee; Photo credit: Neimanmarcus

Versace Medusa Signature Printed T-Shirt: You can find this comfortable piece of Versace style on Cettire at $178. It features the famous logo in a nice purple print. It pairs well with jeans. 

Versace Medusa Signature Printed T-Shirt
Versace Medusa Signature Printed T-Shirt; Photo credit: Cettire

Embroidered 80’s Logo Jersey T-shirt: Great fuchsia T-shirt with Versace’s name embroidered on the front panel in yellow. Get it at a 30% discount at Luisa Via Roma for $334.

Embroidered 80's Logo Jersey T-shirt
Embroidered 80’s Logo Jersey T-shirt; Photo credit: Luisa Via Roma

Vintage 90’s Multicolor Rainbow Stripes: This gorgeous vintage piece on Etsy is a rare handmade gem that goes with any casual outfit and makes you sparkle with joy. It costs €135/$151.

Versace Graphic print T-shirt: Get this valuable piece at a discount of 50% on Farfetch for a price of $256. The blue and black print on white background goes well with a black leather jacket or blazer. 

Versace Graphic print T-shirt
Versace Graphic print T-shirt; Photo credit: Farfetch

Versace Print Logo T-shirt: This gorgeous lady’s T-shirt features a pink on white print containing Versace’s yellow logo. It works well with shirts and skirts and costs $226 on Flannels

Versace Print Logo T-shirt
Versace Print Logo T-shirt; Photo credit: Flannels

Cotton T-shirt with I LOVE NY Print: We found this cool Versace T-shirt through Shoppingscanner. Its shiny red heart logo truly stands out. It costs $251. It fits perfectly with black jeans and sneakers or ankle boots.  

Cotton T-shirt with I LOVE NY Print
Cotton T-shirt with I LOVE NY Print; Photo credit: Shoppingscanner

All-over Embroidered Polo Shirt: This black men’s T-shirt is embroidered on the front with a colorful pattern. It is 100% cotton and Flannel sells it at a reduced price of $232. 

All-over Embroidered Polo Shirt
All-over Embroidered Polo Shirt; Photo credit: Flannel

Medusa Short Sleeved T-shirt: You can get this gorgeous red men’s T-shirt for only $61 from Flannel. It has the brand’s logo on the chest and it is made of crisp cotton fibers. 

Medusa Short Sleeved T-shirt
Medusa Short Sleeved T-shirt; Photo credit: Flannel

Baroque Heart Logo Printed T-shirt: We found this beautiful red piece through Stylight. It’s made of spandex and elastane and features a heart Versace logo. It costs $138. 

Baroque Heart Logo Printed T-shirt
Baroque Heart Logo Printed T-shirt; Photo credit: Stylight

Short Sleeve Logo Oversized T-shirt: This comfortable women’s T-shirt is great for hot summer days. It has a white on black Versace print and costs $104 on zappos.com. 

Short Sleeve Logo Oversized T-shirt
Short Sleeve Logo Oversized T-shirt; Photo credit: zappos.com

Exclusive Black Laurel Medusa T-shirt: This trendy black Versace men’s T-shirt has a rib-kit crewneck collar and the white Medusa logo. It costs $195 on Ssense

Exclusive Black Laurel Medusa T-shirt
Exclusive Black Laurel Medusa T-shirt; Photo credit: Ssense

White Purse T-shirt: Another cool piece from Ssense is this men’s T-shirt that features the Versace logo in red print, next to some bold red lips and a fashionable bag. It costs $218. 

White Purse T-shirt
White Purse T-shirt; Photo credit: Ssense

Allover Print Gioielli Print T-shirt: You can find this glamorous model for men on Zalando at $197. It has a creative yellow print on black background – the perfect choice for a night out. 

Allover Print Gioielli Print T-shirt
Allover Print Gioielli Print T-shirt; Zalando

Vintage Versace Jeans Couture T-shirt: This vintage T-shirt can be found on Etsy for $200. It is one of the few models of its kind. It’s got black stripes and colorful prints on both sides. 

Versace Women’s Round Neck T-shirt: This comfy pink women’s T-shirt is printed with Gianni Versace’s signature. It is a lovely summer wardrobe addition and it costs $187 on Atterly.

Versace Women's Round Neck T-shirt
Versace Women’s Round Neck T-shirt; Photo credit: Atterly

Not all Versace T-shirts cost an arm and a leg. If you really want to own something that’s signed by this famous designer, you now know where to go for cheaper T-shirts. 

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