Why Mini Cooper Is the Most Awesome Small Luxury Car

Mini Coopers are utterly adorable and due to their look, they are commonly associated with female drivers. However, there is nothing unmanly about sitting behind this small luxury car’s wheel even if you are respectable gentlemen. These reliable and practical vehicles offer numerous advantages both in terms of design and functionality. Find out why Mini Cooper is the most awesome small luxury car.

Quality above all

There are different criteria that might influence people’s decisions when buying a car. If we refer to luxury vehicles, one of the most important aspects buyers take into account is the aspect. They want something that can make a statement and many luxury cars do this just by exposing their shiny logos. However, there is one feature that beats looks and this is quality.

Mini Copper logo
Mini Copper logo

Quality is essential, even more so when you pay a considerable amount of money to buy a new vehicle. Quality is one of the key features drivers could always find in Mini Cooper vehicles. These small luxury cars can stand up to bigger automobiles and prove they perform better, are easier to drive, and more durable.

Mini Cooper’s heritage means 50 years of manufacturing excellence. This vehicle that originated in the UK and is now owned by the German BMW has always been synonymous with reliability. You don’t buy a Mini just because it’s a cute car that’s easy to drive, you also buy it because it performs well and it will stand the test of time. 


Don’t let the size full you. Mini Coopers are indeed ‘mini’, but they are bound to protect their owners in case of an accident. To this purpose, they have always been provided with great safety features such as resistant front and side airbags. Besides keeping drivers safely inside, these cars are also resistant to collisions that often lead only to moderate damage in their case. You don’t have to take our word for it, a quick google search will show you that this brand typically gets the bests car crash test ratings. 

Crash Test for Mini Cooper
Crash Test for Mini Cooper; Photo credit: https://www.iihs.org/

Spacey Interior

You might find this hard to believe, but Mini Coopers offer quite a generous space. Regardless of how small they appear from the outside, their interior is roomy and utterly comfortable. If you have the chance to take a ride in a Mini Cooper, don’t miss it. You’ll see that this paradox is real. Besides feeling comfy on this car’s back or front seat, you also get enough space to store your baggage.

Mini Cooper Interior
Mini Cooper Interior

You can easily use your Mini when you want to move house; the rear seats can be folded down, which means you’ll be able to transport a lot of things in one ride only. 

Reduced Fuel Consumption

Minis are also a good choice if you want a car that doesn’t require too much fuel. Whether you’re worried about the environment or about your pocket, fuel economy is always a good aspect to consider when purchasing a new vehicle.

Moreover, if you are really committed to green driving, you’ll be glad to learn that this year marked the release of the first all-electric Mini Cooper and its power is comparable to the Cooper S. 

Mini Cooper on the road
Mini Cooper on the road

Cool Amenities 

Mini Coopers come with a robust package of options that allow you to customize them according to your needs. You can choose to enhance your navigation system, get a cold-weather package, boost the car’s suspensions, provide it with bonnet stripes, different roof colors, roof stripes or seat color, power sunroof or moonroof.

Inside of the Mini Cooper;
Inside of the Mini Cooper; Photo credit: Pinterest

However, don’t fret over the extras as the standard features are enough to make you feel you’re driving the coolest car in traffic. Minis are chic, they have an elegant and comfy upholstery and a stylish exterior.

Easy Driving & Parking 

You can see the BMW engineering in these vehicles that offer a smooth driving experience on any type of road. The Minis are praised for their good transmission, efficient drive-rain, and enhanced balance. They are the ultimate sporty car to drive to and from work. Minis are also fun to ride and if you’re into go-karts, you’ll definitely fall in love with these cars. 

Moreover, this small and performant vehicle is easier to handle in traffic due to its reduced size, which also accounts for easier parking. 

Mini Cooper parked
Mini Cooper parked

Today’s Mini Coopers still remind us of the original motorsport icon that made these vehicles famous worldwide. We’ve seen Minis in classic movies, we’ve seen stars driving them, and we’re used to associating these small luxury cars with style and performance. So, if you want to feel and look cool behind the wheel, a Mini Cooper might be just what you are looking for. 

Ioana Solea
Ioana Solea
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