8 Most Affordable Designer Wallets for Women

Where are you on the scale from an absolute minimalist to an ardent maximalist when it comes to a wallet? A must-have accessory for practical reasons (you don’t want your cards and bills to be scattered around the purse or folded haphazardly in your pockets, right?), a wallet transmits your taste and social status. Therefore, getting a high-quality branded piece is a great idea.

Good news #1: you can buy a gorgeous vintage or pre-loved item at an affordable price. Good news #2: whichever design or color you fancy, there’s an impressive variety to choose from. 

1. Celine

Celine is, by definition, the most feminine brand ever. It’s always about the classy, the eternal, and the elegant. It doesn’t mean you have to stick to a minimalistic black wallet, though. Invest in this soft red leather gem, this stunning green lizard cutie, or this sturdy tricolor beauty at the ridiculously affordable price of $197


Gucci is always a good idea, isn’t it? Any of these impeccable designs will become a valuable addition to your accessory wardrobe: the compact neutral wallet, the compact canvas wallet, or the statement continental wallet. They’re available at really attractive prices right now. So, hurry up, ladies

3. Fendi

Carrying your banknotes and credit cards in style is easy if you reach for a Fendi. These iconic Zucca-coated continental wallets will never go out of fashion. You just have to pick either a fuchsia-trimmed one or a green ombre one.

4. Dolce & Gabbana

For a true minimalist, one of the below featured D&G wallets is a pretty safe investment. The Baroque lettering on smooth calf leather or the gem-studded lettering on textured leather – both can be effortlessly immersed into your wardrobe. 

5. Dior

If you truly want a statement accessory rather than a mere money pouch, you’ll love both Diors below. The iconic saddle shaped piece is a real gem; decorated with a golden ‘D’ and made in phenomenal green leather, this wallet is out of this world. Then, the brown long flap wallet is my absolute favorite: an elegant form, a rich chocolate hue, and a beautiful D-accent. What not to like?

6. Prada

Lux and chic, Prada needs no advertising. The gorgeous deep blue piece below hits this year’s color trend, and the fancy black & sky-blue combination is a beautiful option for ladies who prefer tiny wallets with a signature. 

7. Burberry

If you are on the hunt for a memorable lux accessory, each of these Burberries will serve you well. Very practical, roomy, and high-quality, they are also bright and stylish. Your bills and cards want to be in vogue as well. 

8. Salvatore Ferragamo

Lady-like, exquisite, and soft, the black Vara and pink Gancini wallets by Ferragamo are the iconic pieces. Is there a way not to fall in love with this gorgeous yet affordable canvas Gancini piece? Featuring golden hardware and tiny studs, it is marked by authentic Italian appeal.

Whichever piece you pick, remember that fashion is for everyone. Quality can and should be affordable. It does not exist without you, the person who needs it. A wallet is not a piece you change every season or two. Why not invest in the ultimate piece you truly want and then enjoy it for years to come?   

Kateryna Pilyarchuk
Kateryna Pilyarchuk
Kateryna is a linguist and university lecturer pursuing her PhD in linguistics with a focus on fashion discourse. Kateryna is a fashion lover and a regular contributor to our magazine. She's also an ardent traveler and a lifelong learner.

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