Property of the Week: 2 Bedroom Apartment on the Upper West Side

Chester Court at 201 West 89th Street is an eye-catching, historic Emery Roth building dating back to the 1920s. Its colorfully ornamented terracotta façade is an indication of the vintage details to be found inside.

For starters, there’s a gorgeous, thoughtfully restored lobby with intricate ceiling moldings and plasterwork, bronze and wrought iron accents, and stone radiator covers. Large double-hung windows throughout the building complete the sophisticated urban look.

Apartment 9-E, featured here, stays true to its 1920s New York character. Its dimensions are more compact than sprawling, as befits an Upper West Side apartment home. Two ample bedrooms with sunny, south-facing exposures share easy access to a bathroom.

Instead of a dedicated formal dining room, we find a set of French doors leading into one of the bedrooms. This useful apartment feature is not only attractive, but more importantly, it allows the bedroom to be flexibly configured as either a public or private space as the inhabitants’ needs evolve.

Throw the doors open for extended entertaining and dining space. Close them, and you have a second bedroom, study, or nursery.

Most of the unit is outfitted with beautifully aged hardwood floors which stand out all the more in juxtaposition with the more contemporary tiling in the kitchen. The ceilings, built-ins, and cabinetry boast woodwork that suggests a bygone era of craftsmanship without seeming excessively posh.

The current white-dominated look keeps things fresh and contemporary, but these beams and moldings could also be accented with stain or color for a more retro feel. This is an easy space to make your own.

The designers have done a fine job of updating the bathroom here. Bathrooms from this era can often be on a smaller scale, but the use of luxurious marble tiles helps to lend a hint of spaciousness, and the glass shower doors around the combined tub and shower together with the glass vanity shelving serve to minimize barriers to the eye.

It’s a minor touch, but we like the choice of cross-shaped handles in the shower: a subtle nod to old-school style and a perfect companion to the original glass doorknobs and keyhole.

They’ve done a similar thing in the kitchen, where large gray floor tiles and bold blue accents lend just enough contemporary verve to update an otherwise traditional space. This is not to detract from the more traditional décor here! The cabinetry is beautiful, and once again, the hardware choices respect the history of this home.

Modern conveniences in practical terms are appreciated, though, so it’s good to see a very respectable refrigerator and range in this highly usable kitchen.

When it comes to the big picture, we’ve already described the breathtaking first floor lobby. The roof at Chester Court is no less inviting, though in a different way. On the rooftop deck, you’ll find a variety of relaxing seating configurations from which to take in the view, all set within a superb container garden shaded by beautiful trees and pergolas.

The value a co-op home can provide and the organization’s financial health are always important factors to consider, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Chester Court offers a full range of amenities, services, and permissions, and its website proudly points out that no shareholder has ever been assessed a cent for them. The 94% owner occupancy rate says it all.

The Upper West Side, where Chester Court is located, is one of New York’s most sought after neighborhoods, full of all the urban attractions and amenities that make living in New York a delight.

Property listing
Broker: Jeanne Byers and George Case with Coldwell Banker Warburg
Asking price: $1,375,000
2 Bedrooms, 1.5 Bath

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