5 Fashionable High-End Skincare Products

Everyone’s obsessed with skincare products nowadays, and it won’t come as a surprise to find that some of the very best ones also come with quite a hefty price tag.

The reportedly most expensive skincare product in the world – La Crème de la Mer Crème Régénération Intensecosts $2,475. But despite its exorbitant price point, it has a big fans base among skincare enthusiasts around the world. If you’re interested in treating yourself to the best high-end skincare products, our list has got you covered.

Skincare with Exotic Ingredients

Skincare daredevils never hesitate to try out the newest crazes, no matter how exotic, all for the sake of beauty. The best varieties of ginseng, sea kelp, silkworm cocoon, or reishi (also known as the “mushroom of immortality”) are some of the more fashionable exotic ingredients.

Other expensive and exotic skincare procedures include the bee venom treatment which can cost up to $325 per session, a $1,000 white caviar facial, and of course, the vampire facial popularized by Kim Kardashian, which costs approximately $1,900.

Anti-Aging Skincare Line

There are definitely lots of pricey skincare product lines that are centered around anti-aging, as we are all obsessed with looking young. Ingredients that go into these products may also be more expensive and the research & development costs are also higher compared to other product lines. These anti-aging skincare products, such as Rodan+Fields Redefine Regimen, are produced in state-of-the-art labs and include organic and luxurious ingredients.

The Rodan+Fields Redefine Regimen line is priced at $220 and makes use of peptide technology and retinoid science for skin cell turnover. The line helps minimizing pores and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Eternal youth is neither free, nor cheap after all.

Diamond and Ruby Peel

This expensive treatment involves exfoliating dead skin cells off with crushed rubies and diamonds. How much more luxurious can it get?

This diamond-and-ruby treatment costs around $8,900 and was popularized by celebrities like A-listers Mila Kunis and Nicole Kidman, the latter reportedly getting the procedure done before she walks on the red carpet. The scrub is followed by a lactic acid peel to reveal glowing, youthful skin.

Overnight Miracle Mask

Masks are a step-up from your daily skincare products, as they are packed with active ingredients to target whatever skin issue you wish to resolve. For this reason, masks are among the priciest skincare products around.

Some sleeping masks contain wild rose and vitamin C to instantly brighten your complexion, while other more innovative skincare lines pull out impurities from the skin via magnetic attraction.

24-Carat Gold Facial

These facials are meant to enhance your looks through the use of gold. By blending the glow of 24K gold into the treatment, clients are promised a radiant glow and youthful-looking skin for anywhere from $380 to $1,200 per treatment.

The use of gold in beauty is anything but new, as this technique has been used throughout history by the likes of Cleopatra, as well as royals during Ancient Rome and the Qing dynasty. Who wouldn’t want to try out such a luxurious treatment enjoyed by the royals themselves?

Perhaps you want to glow up before going on a luxury vacation, or maybe you just want to pamper yourself over the weekend. Either way, these five high-end skincare products might just be what you’re looking for. But don’t be sad if you can’t afford any of them. There are lots of more affordable skincare products that are equally effective.

Featured image via Unsplash.

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