The 9 Most Affordable Designer Wallets for Men

A nice belt, a branded watch, and a quality wallet, right? These are the three ultimate pieces a man needs in his accessory wardrobe. If you’re one of those who hate shopping sprees but still need an ultimate fashion piece, see the wallets featured in this article. And guess what? You’re not forced to spend all the money in the world to secure yourself a designer wallet. Just pick the brand and color you want out of those featured below.

1. Dior

If you like items with a history, check out these black and brown leather pieces by Dior. Decorated with silver hardware and fancy closures, both breathe authentic Dior luxury. 

2. Gucci

If you’re searching for a statement wallet and like experimenting with color and texture, here’s a piece of great news for you, well – two pieces, actually. You can get yourself a green leather wallet or a black signature wallet. Not that I’m trying to persuade you, but green is the unofficial color of Spring 2021.

3. Balenciaga

So, are you on the hunt for color this spring? If you want a wallet that stands out and makes an impression, you will definitely fall for one of these Balenciagas. Bold and daring, as always, they will rock your accessory wardrobe. If you’re still being torn by doubts, Carola Zeta and Cettire are giving out great discounts to proper convince. 

4. Fendi

The two bee-inspired wallets by Fendi add some color to your outfit while retaining a rather elegant appearance. The mustard yellow and the elegant black marry in aesthetically pleasing union: just pick which of the hues has to be on the reverse side. Ah, and don’t forget: you’ll save over $100 on either if you buy them from Cettire.

5. Bottega Venetta

Who can resist sales? Right now, The RealReal is offering an appealing 20% discount on the iconic weave models in black (with a bright-blued inside) and in dark green. And this gorgeous blue from Jomashop is reserved for a true fashionista who does not mind being noticed. Quite alluring, isn’t it? Especially given that these models would cost you approx. $500-550 on the official Bottega Venetta website.

6. Salvatore Ferragamo

Accessories by Ferragamo are meant for people who treasure quality above everything else. Unpretentious, unshowy, and unflashy, these wallets are, at the same time, a great choice for the classy man. Sold at $400-$500 on the official website, they are now available at less than $300 on Tradesy and Jomashop.

7. Roberto Cavalli

Another option for a man who doesn’t like showing off but fancies a high-quality branded wallet is Roberto Cavalli. A true connoisseur of impeccable style, this designer offers you minimalistic black leather pieces that will last for years. If they’re to your taste, you’re lucky! Both featured pieces are offered at incredibly affordable prices by Saks Off 5th.

8. Burberry

Trying on a London dandy image? Then you need some Burberry to complete your look. Created in England and inspired by the British spirit of high society and luxury, it is one of the most recognizable brands worldwide. Just pick your style wisely: a larger bifold wallet or a smaller logo oneCettire is discounting both further as I write this.

9. Alexander Mcqueen

Last but not least, gorgeous, masculine, and laconic – McQueen’s wallets are the wallets every man needs. While both look absolutely fantastic, I cannot believe the rib cage one only costs $157. It would be a crime not to buy it.

Kateryna Pilyarchuk
Kateryna Pilyarchuk
Kateryna is a linguist and university lecturer pursuing her PhD in linguistics with a focus on fashion discourse. Kateryna is a fashion lover and a regular contributor to our magazine. She's also an ardent traveler and a lifelong learner.

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