MSGM – Colorful Luxury Fashion Made in Italy

Italian label, MSGM, was founded in 2009 by Massimo Giorgetti a DJ-turned-designer, who combined his passion for indie music with his love of contemporary art to start a small clothing business. With a fun, modern take on elegant designs, from inspiration such as Yves Saint Laurent, Coco Chanel and Walter Albini, Giorgetti applied his love of music and color to what has become a vibrant, eclectic collection of works. Giorgetti birthed the brand out of his own personal take on style and the arts.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, he shared: “MSGM are the initials of these three people and myself. It also corresponds to a kind of play on my name and surname. Moreover when the MSGM name was being thought up, I was always listening to the ‘Oracular Spectacular’ album by MGMT. My brand couldn’t have been called anything else.”

“Up to 5 years ago I was a DJ, it was more of a hobby than a job but music is everything to me! I can’t wake up in the morning without loud music at home. It gives me energy, positivity and it makes my fears and worries disappear.”

“In the first collection for Spring/Summer 2010 there was the ‘Electrocardiogram Acid Multicolor’ print which was created while listening to ‘In this Home on Ice” by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Then there was MGMT, The Strokes (I’m mad about Julian Casablancas) and the Arctic Monkeys (I adore Alex Turner).”

The brand has grown quickly with the likes of Beyonce, Olivia Culpo, Dua Lipa, Karrueche Tran and Pretty Little Liars star, Troian Bellisario, caught donning the brands romantic, yet vibrant styles. Giorgetti explained that he believes the growth is brought on by its ability to anticipate new trends. “MSGM has grown this quickly because I think it anticipated trends and offered something new. Presenting a collection in 2009 with psychedelic prints done by computer and in fluorescent colors was the secret to MSGM’s immediate success.”

“Also, right from the beginning we wanted to create a contemporary collection — which wasn’t something very common in Italy at the time — and get the message out immediately, considering the impact that social networks were having. I think the market was waiting for a product like ours; many young people were already getting ideas more from the Internet than from the pages of magazines. MSGM is really created for a young public that adores fashion but isn’t a slave to designer labels, a public that likes to dare and likes to be noticed.”

MSGM went on to receive a nod in the Vogue Italia’s “Who is On Next” competition in 2010, voted as a finalist, for its innovative designs and experimental approach. The Italian brand is well known for its streetwear aesthetic and affordable prices. With the luxury consignment market pushing consumers towards buying designer brands at sky-rocket prices, MSGM offers the same aesthetic and quality but at a lower price-point, making luxury practical for the urban shopper.

Some hail the brand as “streetwear meets tailoring and femininity” and the kaleidoscopic and artsy dimension that MSGM brings to each design, speaks to a free spirited fashionista who is constantly on the brink of cutting-edge fashion.

“The MSGM girl is young and loves fashion with a capital F. She’s very fashionable without being a fashion victim. She’s extremely informed and in touch with everything. She’s a girl that is both courageous and irreverent — a bit like the MSGM collection itself.”

But, same say that calling MSGM ‘streets wear’ or simply looping it into the ‘active wear’ or ‘technical wear’ segment of the industry would be a rife injustice to the brands universal appeal and flexibility.

MSGM has become one of the Milano luxury brands to keep an eye on and its Spring 2019 Menswear collection is eagerly anticipated. Giorgetti feels that street style representation is important and plays a fundamental role when designing for the MSGM followers. “Already it’s become the norm to look at photos of outfits worn by young people on the street, bloggers, journalists and buyers at the shows. Viewers naturally want to be able to dress in the same way.”

MSGM is embracing the 80’s, and its runway collections are filled with experimental cuts, bold colors and statement prints. The brands athleisure wear merges tracksuits and activewear, bringing back the vibrant look and feel of a time wear color and shape played a big role in fashion.

In an interview with Vogue, Giorgetti shares his flair for conceptualizing design of yesteryear, to bring something new and fresh to today’s fashion. “Sometimes we don’t realize how modern the past can be,” he explained. “I opened Instagram and you can see the prices…I think that’s so depressing.”

“For me the challenge is to celebrate Milan in a contemporary way, and I think it’s even more important when you have 500 stores around the world. I always pay attention to what works: the best-selling print is of Milan’s futuristic skyline.”

With eclectic floral prints, introducing a serene tropical setting, short sleeved button up shirts and matching short sets, it’s safe to say that Spring 2019 is going to be an interesting one for MSGM. The menswear range, for the next season, is focused towards the consumer who is aware of trends, doesn’t take himself too seriously, and is always on the go. The luxury ready-to-wear range is infectious and passionate.

Giorgetti explains his attraction for logos and how it plays a part in his design elements. “Fashion is still not democratic today, and the logo is evident proof. To make fashion accessible, brands have ended up producing logo socks and shower slides. But that’s the way fashion is, because its copy is a knock-off and is therefore not fashion. Basically, that’s how you keep a dream alive. For me, the best memories are precisely when I couldn’t afford a designer product and I committed a whole series of little thefts at home to buy a Prada belt.”

The brand’s flagship store is located in Milan, Italy with other stores found in 16 locations across the globe including Hong Kong, Seoul and Paris.

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