10 Affordable but Stylish Kate Spade Shoulder Bags

Marylin Monroe believed that diamonds were a girl’s best friends. I beg to disagree: Bags are! First, unlike diamonds, they don’t cost a fortune. Second, they have this mystical power of giving a finish to even the simplest look. Whether you want to impress with a classic outfit or to bring some glamor to your monochrome look, Kate Spade has the answer for you. 

1. Roulette Large Hobo Bag

Roulette Large Hobo Bag

The Kate Spade shoulder bag list is definitely topped by this pebbled leather hobo bag. I would dub it the holy grail among all black handbags. Pick this one and you won’t have to search for another piece for years. It will fit into your wardrobe no matter what your lifestyle. 

This item is like the little black dress – timeless, chic, and always a good idea. At the same time, its roulette shape gives it a stylish edge. If you already own a sturdy black bag, go for blazer blue, deep cornflower, or light fawn. Believe me, they look as great as their names sound. Or don’t believe me and just go to the Kate Spade website check for yourself. 

Anyday Medium Shoulder Bag

2. Any day Medium Shoulder Bag

This is yet another affordable but very luxurious looking piece for those allergic to hardcore luxury. It isn’t a king’s ransom, it is super universal, and it’s as soft as baby’s skin. The contrast-color tassel and trim make the bag even more interesting while not less practical. 

It’s one of those magical pieces that can be a perfect invisible addition to a statement outfit or a statement piece if paired with a plain dress. 

3. Large Loop Shoulder Bag

Loop Large Shoulder Bag

Made in soft pebbled leather, this handbag is so classic that it’s timeless. Sturdy and structured, it will pull together even a haphazard ensemble of plain top and baggy bottoms. The cute tassel adds a flirty flair. 

Presented in black, warm taupe, deep evergreen, and red current, it will match any winter look and fit any occasion. With its three compartments, the bag will easily accommodate a 13” laptop, a smartphone, a charger, a wallet, and a vanity case. 

4. Zeezee Large Work Tote

Zeezee Large Work Tote

With this super spacious work tote, you’ll see how ea-zee it is to look stylish in the office. All your files are in orderly rows, your laptop is in a separate padded compartment, and you still have enough room for your vanity purse. 

Personally, I would go for the faded anemone – the name itself sells me. Or you can choose from black, deep evergreen, swordfish, or true taupe. You’ll look amazing with any of them.

5. Roulette Medium Messenger Bag

Roulette Medium Messenger Bag

Minimalistic, zip-topped, and soft, this messenger bag will give you an ultimate sense of comfort and convey the style message to everyone around. If you’re tired of standard red, black, and taupe (which are also options for this bag, by the way), see how this romantic horizon blue sweetie fits your wardrobe. 

Equally perfect for cold winter and warm summer days, it will be your investment piece for seasons to come. 

6. Nicola Twistlock Medium Shoulder Bag

Nicola Twistlock Medium Shoulder Bag

Black, optic white, or deep evergreen for a cold season as well as green bean, cloud mist, and lemon sorbet for a sunny day, this shoulder bag is the ultimate piece. Its rounded corners and heart twist lock give it a feminine flair without being showy. Its soft, smooth leather feels nice to the touch, and its well thought-out inside will help you keep everything organized. 

7. Everything Puffy Large Tote

Everything Puffy Large Tote

Winter 2020-21 is all about puffy nylon. Isn’t it high time you went further than a puffer jacket and a pair of puffer boots? This large tote can be the cherry on your puffy apparel outfit. Alternatively, use it to balance a tightly fitting outfit. 

Kate Spade calls the hue swordfish. Well, with this bag, you won’t need to fish for compliments as you’ll be showered with them. 

8. Daily Medium Messenger Bag

Daily Medium Messenger Bag

Either in red current or black, this messenger bag will add a youthful twist to your look. Spacious enough to fit a bunch of stuff, it pairs perfectly with sneakers for the student-life aesthetic and with heavy combat boots for an edgy flair. With two exterior flap pockets and two separate interior ones, this nylon guy will be your regular outing companion any season. 

The Kate Spade logo is exquisitely placed at the bottom part of the large flap, serving as a final touch without adding a logomania feel. 

9. Spade Flower Jacquard Everything Stripe Large Tote

Spade Flower Jacquard Everything Stripe Large Tote

Do you dress in neutrals? Do you prefer monochrome over motley? Then this piece is a real find. It is visually interesting and chic looking. The unique jacquard fabric, cut vertically by two stripes, places this accessory at the crossroads of sport chic and classic. It’s so roomy you can move houses with it. 

On top of that, you get a detachable wrestle pouch for various tidbits. If you’re too reasonable to spend a monthly salary on a heavy-luxury bag, this tote is for girls like you. 

10. Kitt Felt Large North South Tote

Kitt Felt Large North South Tote

Last but not least, this flirty felt tote is a die-for bag. Made with the recognizable Kate Spade flower pattern, it features lilac, mustard, and blazer blue hues in a manner that would complement any look, a denim one in particular. So, if you’re a jeans-girl, you’ll shine like a star with this piece on your shoulder. 

Owing to a drop-in monochrome pouch, the bag gives you more than enough space to carry your belongings around. 

Maximal comfort and a pinch of flirt are in the DNA of Kate Spade’s brand. Isn’t that all we 21st-century girls need? 

Kateryna Pilyarchuk
Kateryna Pilyarchuk
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