10 Affordable Tommy Hilfiger from the 2020 Winter Collection

The capsule collection developed by Tommy Hilfiger for the 2020 winter season was generously inspired by street looks and warm textures and colors. Thinking on a world suffering from a lack of hugs, friendliness, and walks on the street, the American designer created pieces that bring these sensations into our wardrobes and around our bodies.  

Inherited from the pandemic situation and home offices, blanket dressings, enveloping cuts, and comfy sweatpants are the must-have, highly desired pieces of the most fashion-tuned people, both generation X and Z. 

Given the difficult situation worldwide, the designer chose classic pieces with an almost contemporary design that when styled in a pretty, relaxed and funky way, give a sportive and chic look; always highlighting the logo of the brand and maintaining a warm palette. Let us take a look at the top ten of Tommy’s collection for these autumn-winter months.

1. College Jacket

College Jacket

The classic college jacket with stripes on the ribbon, large numbers, and the brand’s logo is a season winner. In general, it comes in two colors and plenty of zippers: a traditional and jokey piece that goes well with anything from denim to straight pants, from tees to dresses.

2. Wool Cap

Wool Cap

During the cold months, the winter sports season beings with it trends like this comfy wool cap. Tommy Hilfiger went for black and red, some with the brand logo and some with delicate designs. A stylish piece for the most demanding fashionistas.

3. Big Plaid Pattern

Big Plaid Pattern

What can be more grunge than red plaid, reference of the vocal leader Kurt Cobain, the punk designer Vivienne Westwood, and Malcolm McLaren? Sportive and irreverent, the pieces are a must-have besides being so embracing. It looks like a hug from a group of old friends, doesn’t it?

4. Silk Lace Stocking

Silk Lace Stocking

The classic black stocking in silk has gained extra charm with the brand logo in a devoré technique. Presented in black, the item is undoubtedly one of the most requested for the season. Use during the day or through the night, from casual look to the most elegant occasions.  

5. Straight Pants

Straight Pants

Straight pants may look like a throwback to the 50s, especially with sharp creases, but when styled with tees, sportive hoodies, grunge coats, and unconventional belts they become daring and super elegant. The designer also suggests pants in short lengths to show off the shoes, always preserving the straight cut. Not for the ordinary!

6. Leather Under-Knee Boots

Leather Under-Knee Boots

One of the high points of the whole collection is definitely the boots that come in versions of black and different lengths, soldier boots in a more grunge vibe, and up-knee boots with horse heels on the back. There is also one in silver and one in brown nubuck. One for each look, as long as you wear the pair.

7. Over Dress Coat

Over Dress Coat

Overcoats that look like dresses are a must in this capsule collection, as the pieces can be mixed and matched, and the long coats can be worn on their own. Versatile and full of style, the long coats come with golden buttons and in a plaid version too. Time to be bold!

8. Cocoon Patchwork Blanket Dress

Cocoon Patchwork Blanket Dress

One of the boldest clothes of the collection is this cocoon dress in a patchwork design that is also padded. The piece looks fantastic when worn over a dress and with a belt. With a stand up neckline and warm yet delicate palette, this is an original design among a few reissued classics.

9. Metal Belt 

Metal Belt

Accessories are aimed to sell more than clothes as they can be worn in different ways. One of the pieces used in three pictures of the lookbook is a belt with a significant oval metal buckle engraved with the arms of the brand. The designer suggests the use of a belt to mark the waist, defining the silhouette.

10. Leather Handbag

Leather Handbag

With the flair of a Western cow-girl mixed with a hint of streetwear and grunge pieces worn with classics, the cherry of the online capsule collection is the nubuck handbag with the arms of the brand. It combines perfectly with the boots, and is large enough to carry all your essentials.  

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