16 Affordable Gucci Jackets

Since its inception, Gucci has been a luxury icon that met the wants and needs of the rich and famous. Although this brand’s range of products has grown and diversified significantly since they first started in 1921, one aspect still characterizes the company, lying at its very heart.

Gucci is still a high-end brand that maintains its exclusive approach, targeting the elite. Nonetheless, it is possible to buy a Gucci product without paying an arm and a leg. Take, for example, the following Gucci jackets you can buy at low prices.

How much does a new Gucci jacket cost? 

New Gucci jackets come at different prices based on their features, the collection they’re part of and the place you buy them from.

If you go directly to the source and browse on Gucci’s official website, you will see that even the cheapest jackets cost beyond $1,500, with high-end models easily exceeding the $3,000 threshold. Bearing that in mind, here are some cheaper alternatives that you might want to consider.

Some (more) affordable options

Gucci Classic Bomber Jacket: this cozy and versatile men’s jacket can be a great addition to your wardrobe, especially if style and comfort are two key features you’re looking for. It is size 42 and the body is khaki, featuring some chocolate brown details at the collar and cuffs. It is made of leather and has never been worn. 

Gucci Classic Bomber Jacket
Gucci Classic Bomber Jacket; Photo credit: Vestiaire Collective

GG Technical Jersey Jacket: this appealing product certainly knows how to draw attention. It features an original mix of several elements and colors and the iconic Gucci logo on the chest. It combines camel and brown with blue, white, and red in a design that was common in the ‘80s. It has zip pockets, front zip closure, and knit trim. It costs $1,141 on Farfetch

GG Technical Jersey Jacket
GG Technical Jersey Jacket; Photo credit: Farfetch

Gucci track jacket Size XL: this sporty jacket for men is made of synthetic material and it comes in black. It is pre-used but has been kept in good condition and only costs $650 on Vestiaire Collective. It has a front zip closure and white stripes across the shoulder and sleeves. 

Gucci track jacket Size XL
Gucci track jacket Size XL; Photo credit: Vestiaire Collective

Gucci Red Denim Jacket: we liked the simple and down to earth design of this jacket the moment we saw it, especially due to its vibrant red. This classic piece feels somehow timeless. It is a great choice if you’re shopping for vintage products, as you’re unlikely to see it around very often. It is made of denim and it has leather applications and button closure. It costs $364 on Etsy.

Gucci Red Denim Jacket
Gucci Red Denim Jacket; Photo credit: Etsy

Black Double-Breasted Jacket by Gucci: this elegant and classic piece comes in a dark color and it is suitable for ladies wearing size 8 and costs $275 on Vestiaire Collective. The highlight of this product is its stylish pointed collar. It also features concealed snap closures and it measures 44. 32″ (bust) and 16″ (shoulders). 

Black Double-Breasted Jacket by Gucci
Black Double-Breasted Jacket by Gucci; Photo credit: Vestiaire Collective

Vintage 80’s Gucci Black Leather Crop Jacket Moto Blazer: this vintage gem is nice to have and it comes at the affordable price of €363 on Etsy. It measures 17″ at the shoulders and 19″ in length. It also has puff detail at the shoulders, and it pairs wonderfully with dark jeans. 

Vintage 80's Gucci Black Leather Crop Jacket Moto Blazer
Vintage 80’s Gucci Black Leather Crop Jacket Moto Blazer; Photo credit: Etsy

Incredible Silk Tigers and Floral Motif Gucci Silk Bomber: this outstanding women’s jacket deserves every single penny of its $1,250 price listed on Vestiaire Collective. It has a red background and a vibrant multicolor print. It is made of the finest silk and is size XS. 

Incredible Silk Tigers and Floral Motif Gucci Silk Bomber
Incredible Silk Tigers and Floral Motif Gucci Silk Bomber; Photo credit: Vestiaire Collective

Gucci Men’s Black Mesh Jacket: this classic jacket for men is suitable for any casual occasion. It has a zip up design, and is completely black, except for its discrete logo the left breast that comes in a mix of white, red, and green. This comfy jacket is made from a mesh weave. It has front concealed pockets, stand collar, and elasticated cuffs and hem.  It costs $770 on Lyst

Gucci Men's Black Mesh Jacket
Gucci Men’s Black Mesh Jacket; Photo credit: Lyst

Men’s GG-Striped Jersey Track Jacket: if you like to be trendy even on the most casual occasion, this Gucci track jacket for men might be the right choice for you. It is black and has a front zip closure with white border and beige G-jacquard stripe down the sleeves. It has banded cuffs, an oversized fit, stand collar and is made of polyester and cotton. It costs $1,680 on Neiman Marcus.

Men's GG-Striped Jersey Track Jacket
Men’s GG-Striped Jersey Track Jacket; Photo credit: Neiman Marcus

Gucci White Hooded Jacket: this white Gucci jacket for men can be found at Vestiaire Collective for a price of $347. It is made of cotton, is a large fit, and has a comfortable hood. It is ideal for chilly weather and, generally, for the spring or autumn. It is easy to fold and it fits men wearing size 42. It has never been worn and still has the tag on. 

Gucci White Hooded Jacket
Gucci White Hooded Jacket; Photo credit: Vestiaire Collective

Logo Patch Denim Jacket: it wouldn’t be fair to talk about jackets without adding a denim model for women. This nice-looking item has a dark blue color, a straight hem, front button fastening, a logo patch at the front, buttoned cuffs, and classic color. It can match almost anything from jeans to dresses and it costs $929 on Farfetch

Logo Patch Denim Jacket
Logo Patch Denim Jacket; Photo credit: Farfetch

Gucci Short Flower Patterns Casual Style Blended Fabrics Plain: this trendy and casual Gucci jacket for women is beige and features black and red stripes at the collar and cuffs. It is made of polyester and it is new, coming with the price tag on. It is embroidered and has the brand’s logo and a flower print on the chest. It costs $1,000 on Vestiaire Collective, with a discount. 

Gucci Short Flower Patterns Casual Style Blended Fabrics Plain
Gucci Short Flower Patterns Casual Style Blended Fabrics Plain; Photo credit: Vestiaire Collective,

Gucci Men’s Natural Zip Up Jacket: this nice and cozy men’s jacket has a zip up design and also features the brand’s logo on the left breast in green and red. Strips of the same colors run along the shoulders and down the sleeves. This is a timeless piece that’s made of cotton and polyester. It costs $804 on Lyst

Gucci Men's Natural Zip Up Jacket
Gucci Men’s Natural Zip Up Jacket; Photo credit: Lyst

Gucci Embroidered Bee Bomber Jacket: this size 46 Gucci women’s jacket is a great choice for all seasons. It comes in navy blue and has a nice bold print on the left breast and red and blue details on the collar and cuffs. It has a front zip closure and is highly comfortable. It is made of wool and costs $700 on Vestiaire Collective, with a generous discount. 

Gucci Embroidered Bee Bomber Jacket
Gucci Embroidered Bee Bomber Jacket; Photo credit: Vestiaire Collective

Unisex Gucci Bomber Jacket: this nice-looking unisex jacket costs $700, with a discount of more than 50%. It is size XXL and it will make you feel cozy and stylish the moment you put it on. It has a modern red and white print featuring the company’s logo and several other patterns on a dark background. It is made of cotton. 

Unisex Gucci Bomber Jacket
Unisex Gucci Bomber Jacket; Photo credit: Vestiaire Collective

Cherry Patch Bomber Jacket: we are concluding this affordable Gucci jackets list with this cool item for women that costs $1,348 on Farfetch. It boasts a daring cherry print on the breast, the interlocking Gucci logo, stripe detailing, two side pockets, and front zip fastening. 

Cherry Patch Bomber Jacket
Cherry Patch Bomber Jacket; Photo credit: Farfetch.

If getting a Gucci jacket is your next fashion goal, you now know where to browse for one. Stay tuned and learn more about other affordable items belonging to this iconic luxury brand.  

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