16 Affordable Moncler Jackets

Dressing with style means looking fashionable at all times, regardless of the occasion. If you live by this code, you surely attend to your look even for the simplest of situations. And you will know that there are fashion brands out there that provide you with high-end apparel for any setting. One of these is Moncler. They started as a ski equipment manufacturer and gradually became one of the most reputable outwear brands in the world.

If you want something from Moncler, there is nothing more quintessential than a jacket. Read on and find out where you can get a statement Moncler jacket at a low price. 

A Short History of the Brand 

Moncler hasn’t always been the chic brand that we know today. The company’s inception takes us back to 1952. That year, two partners, André Vincent and René Ramillon, decided to start a jacket manufacturing business. Their initial goal was to provide resistant and practical jackets for workers. With this goal, their first quilted jackets had little in common with the luxury items that account for the brand’s popularity today. Moncler started its rise to success two years after its foundation.

Moncler Logo

In 1954 the Italian expedition to K2 sported outerwear carrying the brand’s insignia. The following year, Moncler was chosen as the official provider for the French expedition. The next milestone for the company was in 1968 when the French skiing team chose Moncler as their official supplier. Over the decades, the company has developed from a reliable performance ski clothing provider into one of the top luxury fashion names. 

There are numerous key features that distinguish this manufacturer. One of them is the unique way in which they meet the needs of both professional athletes and fashion addicts. Moncler is synonymous with quality and style. Their highly practical designs are meant to offer both comfort and good looks. 

Why Choose a Moncler Jacket and Where to Find a Cheap One

While Moncler manufactures different types of clothing for men, women, and children, featuring numerous lines and collaborations with world-known designers, their iconic apparel remains the jacket. This manufacturer has built its fame and fortune by providing high-end jackets.

They have experimented with this product for decades, deploying the most practical designs and premiere materials. A Moncler jacket is not only a statement of fine fashion but also a chance to enjoy the highest level of comfort during the cold season. Buying original Moncler jackets directly from source is by no means cheap. Therefore, we are going to share our insight into finding the same items at lower prices.

Moncler Jackets and Lunettes
Moncler Jackets and Lunettes; Photo credit: Moncler

To find normal prices for a new Moncler Jacket, go to their official website for their currently available products and latest releases. The prices vary tremendously depending on the collection, material, and design, with cheaper models starting at  $600 and high-end jackets going up to and even above $2,000.

Since you might not be willing to spend that much on a jacket, not even a Moncler, here are some alternative stores where you can shop for the same items at lower prices: Tradesy, Poshmark, Shopstyle, Neimanmarcus, Saksfifthavenue, Shopbop, Lyst, Therealreal, Etsy, Farfetch, Buyma.us, Shoppingscanner, Stylight. Vestiairecollective, or eBay. Also, you can look for outlets that sell these fine jackets in or close to your city on Premiumoutlets or Outletbound.

Moncler Jackets and Lunettes;
Moncler Jackets and Lunettes; Photo credit: Moncler

Now, let’s focus on a few examples of the affordable Moncler jackets we came across when browsing these online stores.

A Few Cheap Moncler Jackets 

Quilted Front Cropped Jacket: This beautiful model listed on Farfetch for $587 is made of a polyester (93%), spandex, and elastane combination. The lining is made of polyurethane. It features an elegant design with a round neck, off-center zip, and side pockets. It is suitable for any occasion, both formal and informal, and it pairs well with different footwear. 

Quilted Front Cropped Jacket:
Quilted Front Cropped Jacket; Photo credit: Farfetch

Blue Little Kid Kamaria Ruffle Puffer Jacket: Who says kids shouldn’t be fashionable too? If you want to spoil the apple of your eye with a comfortable jacket, this girls’ size 6 Moncler piece will only cost you $290 on Tradesy. It is new, with tags, it comes in a nice light blue, has highlighted pockets, and features the company’s logo on the sleeve. 

Blue Little Kid Kamaria Ruffle Puffer Jacket
Blue Little Kid Kamaria Ruffle Puffer Jacket; Photo credit: Tradesy.

Moncler Classic Blue Synthetic Jacket: We found this great offer on Shopstyle where you can buy it at a price of $332. It is a great choice for modern men who like to be trendy at all times. This synthetic jacket comes in a gorgeous blue, features the logo on the left arm, and has a high collar and front zip. 

Moncler Classic Blue Synthetic Jacket
Moncler Classic Blue Synthetic Jacket; Photo credit: Shopstyle

Navy Goose Down Quilted Puffer Jacket: If you’re looking for a practical jacket that fits all occasions, this navy XS model might be the right choice for you. Find this affordable Moncler jacket on Tradesy at only $499. It is thick, very comfortable, and it has two generous pockets.

Navy Goose Down Quilted Puffer Jacket
Navy Goose Down Quilted Puffer Jacket; Photo credit: Tradesy

Fabric and Padded Zipped Jacket: This lovely bright red women’s jacket really stands out. It has a stand-up collar, a straight hem, and zipped pockets. It is made of Polyamide, and the lining also contains goose down. It costs $706 on Farefetch

Fabric and Padded Zipped Jacket
Fabric and Padded Zipped Jacket; Photo credit: Farefetch

Black White Duras Giraffe Down Feather Puffer Parka Jacket: Fashionable ladies will love this trendy jacket that costs $460 on Tradesy. It features an eye-catching black and white giraffe print and it is suitable for those of a size M. This stylish apparel is elastic and fits nicely without causing discomfort. It is lined and has a front zipper. 

Black White Duras Giraffe Down Feather Puffer Parka Jacket
Black White Duras Giraffe Down Feather Puffer Parka Jacket; Photo credit: Tradesy

Sky Blue Lans Collared Down Jacket: This Moncler jacket is a perfect example of the manufacturer’s know-how in pairing good taste with comfort. The gorgeous sky blue will make you fall in love with this ladies’ product. It features a stand up collar, two-way zip, and flap-snap pockets. The long sleeves have elasticized cuffs. It costs $570 on Tradesy

Sky Blue Lans Collared Down Jacket
Sky Blue Lans Collared Down Jacket; Photo credit: Tradesy

Aiton Hooded Quilted Jacket: This kids’ jacket is suitable for those who looking for size 4-6. It is black and it features the company’s logo on the chest. It has a hooded collar, vertical welt pocket, comfortable elasticized cuffs, and zip front. It costs $555 on Neimanmarcus.com

Aiton Hooded Quilted Jacket
Aiton Hooded Quilted Jacket; Photo credit: Neimanmarvcus.com

Laque Down Puffer-Front Jacket: This nylon front jacket features a lacquered finish that won’t go unnoticed. Its base is knitted, and it has a front zip and waist zip pockets. The interior is filled with goose down. It costs $603 at Sacks Fifth Avenue

Laque Down Puffer-Front Jacket
Laque Down Puffer-Front Jacket; Photo credit: Sacks Fifth Avenue

Logo Printed Nylon Hooded Jacket: This appealing jacket costs $450 on Neimanmarcus.com. It has an allover black on white logo letter print, so rest assured that everyone will notice the top brand you’re wearing. This jacket has two large side pockets and a frontal zip with snap top and long sleeves with elasticized cuffs.

Logo Printed Nylon Hooded Jacket
Logo Printed Nylon Hooded Jacket; Photo credit: Neimanmarcus.com

Womens Puffer Winter Down Jacket Armoise Red: We found this remarkable jacket for women on Ebay where it costs $354. It boasts a lovely red and quality goose down interior. This jacket is suitable for those who wear size M. It is a rare vintage piece that has been kept in great condition. 

Womens Puffer Winter Down Jacket Armoise Red
Womens Puffer Winter Down Jacket Armoise Red; Photo credit: Ebay

Moncler 2020 Summer Spring Jacket: This brand new model has a sporty design and a nice shiny aspect. It is military green and has a sturdy front zip in three colors: black, white, and red. It’s a great choice for a chilly evening or a casual meeting. It costs $594 on Buyma

Moncler 2020 Summer Spring Jacket
Moncler 2020 Summer Spring Jacket; Photo credit: Buyma

Logo Side-Stripe Track Jacket: This affordable jacket is suitable for the warm season. It costs $402 on Neimanmarcus.com. It is great for ladies who love a casual-sporty look. The jacket has white side stripes, is made of polyester and cotton, and has a fitted silhouette design. 

Logo Side-Stripe Track Jacket
Logo Side-Stripe Track Jacket; Photo credit: Neimanmarcus.com

Men’s Zip-Front Sweat Jacket: If you are looking for a light men’s jacket for the warm season, this might be the right choice for you. Costing $610 on Neimanmarcus.com, it is black and has the company’s logo on the chest, welt side pockets, and a ribbed stand up collar. It is made of quality cotton. 

Men's Zip-Front Sweat Jacket
Men’s Zip-Front Sweat Jacket; Photo credit: Neimanmarcus.com

Stripe Detail Sports Jacket Blue: Lyst features this product and you can purchase it at a discount price of $545. It is a sturdy and classic model that pairs well with sports shoes and jeans. It has the Moncler logo on the left and the typical three-lines mark across the chest. 

Stripe Detail Sports Jacket Blue
Stripe Detail Sports Jacket Blue; Photo creditL Lyst

Moncler Badymat Winter Puffer Jacket Coat: This women’s jacket is highly comfortable and is made of the fluffiest material that will keep you cozy warm. It is grey and has a hooded collar, a sturdy front zip, and two pockets. The sleeves have elasticized cuffs. It costs $499 on Vestiairecollective. 

Moncler Badymat Winter Puffer Jacket Coat
Moncler Badymat Winter Puffer Jacket Coat; Photo credit: Vestiairecollective

Moncler jackets are a good long-term investment. Good-looking and durable, they will stay in  your wardrobe for years. If you decide to invest in one, you now know where to get them at a good price. 

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