19 Affordable Hermès Belts

If you are looking for quality accessories that will stand the test of time, you should consider those manufactured by Hermès. This brand’s remarkable reputation is the result of the high-end quality products it sells, whether we’re talking about clothes, shoes, bags, or belts. While most people might steer clear from this name because it is usually perceived as an expensive luxury brand, it is not impossible to find Hermès products at good prices, especially if you are looking for belts.

Read on and learn where you can get cheap Hermès belts. 

A Short History of the Brand

Hermès International, also known as Hermès of Paris or simply Hermès, is a French company that produces a wide range of luxury goods such as clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, fragrances, watches, home furnishings, and different accessories including belts. The company was founded in 1837 by Thierry Hermès, hence the company’s name. Hermès has an iconic reputation in the world of high-end fashion.

Their products have always been synonymous with quality and style. This company has always put great emphasis on choosing the best materials for its products, with leather being one of their prime choices. Up to the present day, leather goods represent one of the major sources of revenue of the famous manufacturer, whose brand valuation goes beyond $23.4 billion. Another aspect that accounts for this company’s international fame is its impressive craftsmanship that gave rise to numerous iconic products.

Every piece of clothing and accessory is designed with the highest level of attention to detail.

Hermes Belts Details
Hermes Belts Details; Photo credit: http://www.cytechretail.com/

Hermès is by definition the brand for elegant stylish people who seek quality and durability. The company’s logo is the symbolic Duc carriage with horse. 

Where to Find Cheap Hermes Belts

Hermès belts, just like any other goods manufactured by this world famous company, don’t normally come cheap. These high-quality leather belts typically cost between $1,000 and $1,500 per piece or even more, while the lower price range is somewhere around $700-800.

If you want to learn more about the price you could pay for a new Hermès belt, check out the company’s official website where you can browse through thousands of different luxury items. 

However, our purpose is to help you discover the hidden gems, those stylish belts that are manufactured by the famous French luxury giant but that cost up to half the normal price you if buying them direct from source.

Hermes Belts
Hermes Belts; Photo credit: Pinterest

We have carefully scrutinized various online shops to find cheap Hermès belts, and you can find them here: Tradesy, Therealreal, Buyma.us, Poshmark, Shopstyle, Neimanmarcus, Vestiairecollective, Saksfifthavenue, Shopbop, Lyst, Etsy, Farfetch, Shoppingscanner, Stylight, and eBay. Moreover, you can look for outlets that sell these luxury goods in or near your state by using Premiumoutlets or Outletbound. Further on, we list some of the affordable Hermès belts we found in these stores.

Some Cheap Hermes Belts That Might Interest You 

Authentic Hermès Leather Reversible Constance H Belt: You can find this fashionable belt on Poshmark at a discount of more than 30% ($695). It is a lovely yellow on one side and black on the other, and the imposing H-logo buckle is golden.  

Authentic Hermès Leather Reversible Constance H Belt
Authentic Hermès Leather Reversible Constance H Belt; Photo credit: Poshmark

Reversible Quinten 24mm Belt Kit: This reversible belt has a discount of 30% on Therealreal where you can buy it for $297. It is made of Noir Box and Gold Togo leather and it features a palladium-plated buckle. It is great for any occasion. 

Reversible Quinten 24mm Belt Kit
Reversible Quinten 24mm Belt Kit; Photo credit: Therealreal

Hermès White Leather Belt: We found this gorgeous women’s leather belt through Shopstyle, where you can get it for $650. In white it is the ultimate statement of elegance and it is complemented by the signature H-buckle. 

Hermès White Leather Belt
Hermès White Leather Belt; Photo credit: Shopstyle

Size M Black Leather Gold O Hoop Tie Belt: Get this chic Hermès belt from eBay for $490. It has a golden O-hoop fastening system, which means it can easily adapt to any waist. It is black, flexible, and it can blend in to any casual or elegant look.  

Size M Black Leather Gold O Hoop Tie Belt
Size M Black Leather Gold O Hoop Tie Belt; Photo credit: eBay

1996 Mini Constance Reversible Belt: You can purchase this product on Farfetch for $654. This iconic belt was designed in 1996. It comes in two colors, rouge red and indigo. It is reversible, which means you can wear it on both sides, and it has an elegant gold-tone H-buckle. 

1996 Mini Constance Reversible Belt
1996 Mini Constance Reversible Belt; Photo credit: Farfetch

1998 Constance Reversible Belt: Farfetch also displays this beautiful black and brown reversible belt that has the same features as the 1996 collection, the main difference being its silver-tone signature H-buckle. This is a highly versatile accessory. It costs $654. 

1998 Constance Reversible Belt
1998 Constance Reversible Belt; Photo credit: Farfetch

Horsebit Buckle Belt: We found this cool belt listed on Stylight. It is made of cotton and silver-plated hardware. It comes in a lovely orange and a nice silver horsebit buckle. It is one size only, as it is adjustable, and it costs $517.

Horsebit Buckle Belt
Horsebit Buckle Belt; Photo credit: Stylight

1996 Collier de Chien Medoru Belt: This classic piece belongs to the 1996 collection. You can find it on sale, as a pre-owned item, at Farfetch for $876. This precious belt is a statement of luxury, with its gold-tone hardware and shiny dark leather. 

1996 Collier de Chien Medoru Belt
1996 Collier de Chien Medoru Belt; Photo credit: Farfetch

Black (Ultra Rare) Reversible H Logo: Tradesy showed us this lovely vintage Hermès belt that’s hard to find these days. It’s made of black leather and has a sturdy and bold golden H-buckle. It goes well with elegant trousers and it costs $329.

Black (Ultra Rare) Reversible H Logo
Black (Ultra Rare) Reversible H Logo; Photo credit: Tradesy

1993 Double Strap Belt – Multicolour: This pre-owned double strap belt costs only $522. It comprises two elegant yellow and green leather straps and a bold gold-tone buckle. It pairs wonderfully with jeans or dark-tone dresses. 

1993 Double Strap Belt - Multicolour:
1993 Double Strap Belt – Multicolour; Photo credit: Shopstyle

H Black Leather Belt for Women: Shoppingscanner lists this product at a discount price of $558. It is made of sturdy black leather, featuring a stylish golden H-letter buckle. This belt blends with any outfit, be it an elegant suit or a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. 

H Black Leather Belt for Women;
H Black Leather Belt for Women; Photo credit: Shoppingscanner

Hermès Red Ostrich Belt: This belt for women measures 70 cm. It is showcased at Shoppingscanner and, with its 20% discount, it costs $474. It is made of ostrich leather and it comes in a splendid red that makes the golden buckle stand out. 

Hermès Red Ostrich Belt
Hermès Red Ostrich Belt; ; Photo credit: Shoppingscanner

H Brown Leather Belt for Women: If brown is your preferred belt color, you will love this beauty that features a silver H-buckle. You can buy this pre-owned luxury item from Vestiaire Collective for $630.

H Brown Leather Belt for Women
H Brown Leather Belt for Women; Photo credit: Vestiaire Collective

Quentin Grey Leather Belt: Get this valuable item from Vestiaire Collective for only $332. It comes in a lovely grey and has a subtle metal buckle. It is pre-owned but in perfect condition. It goes well with light color jeans and summer dresses. 

Quentin Grey Leather Belt
Quentin Grey Leather Belt; Photo credit: Vestiaire Collective

Hermès Navy Leather Belt: This women’s belt is the definition of style. It has a carefully crafted golden buckle that resembles the infinity symbol. The belt is made of dark leather and it is a perfect choice for any elegant outfit. It costs $401.

Hermès Navy Leather Belt
Hermès Navy Leather Belt; Photo credit: https://www.fashionphile.com/

Red Kelly Leather with Gold Hardware: You can find this exquisite Hermès belt at Tradesy where it costs $392, with a discount. It is a pre-used item that’s in good condition. It has a bold red nuance and a smart golden buckle that makes the whole item stand out. 

Red Kelly Leather with Gold Hardware
Red Kelly Leather with Gold Hardware; Photo credit: Tradesy

Lizard Buckle Reversible L M/L Belt: This reversible belt is red on one side and black on the other. It has an orange-red H-buckle and it goes well with a casual outfit. You can find it on Tradesy at a discount price of $492. 

Lizard Buckle Reversible L M/L Belt
Lizard Buckle Reversible L M/L Belt; Photo credit: Tradesy

Hermès Reversible Belt Orange and Brown: We discovered this jewel on Etsy, where it costs $444. It features a lovely brown and orange leather surface, together with the iconic H-buckle that’s made of resistant metal. It works well both in formal and informal occasions.

Hermès Reversible Belt Orange and Brown
Hermès Reversible Belt Orange and Brown; Photo credit: Etsy,

Authentic Vintage Hermés Belt: You can also find this vintage gem on Etsy at a price of $358. It comes in an amazing purplish-blue and it is secured with the iconic H-buckle that comes in a golden version. Perfect for a cocktail party, business dinner, or other event. 

Authentic Vintage Hermés Belt
Authentic Vintage Hermés Belt; Photo credit: Etsy,

Hermès, the luxury leather accessories designer par excellence, produces some of the most acclaimed belts. If you want to look and feel stylish, buying a cheap Hermès belt is not a bad idea. Moreover, it will surely be a long-term investment. 

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